To brighten your day

This little wren is about the size of a 2 year old’s little fist. She comes to my deck every day. She sings right on the corner. The she goes to the water spigot that is next to the deck and sings on top of that. She then goes to the flower pot that I will never move because of her, that fell off the deck and is laying on it’s side. She loves to sing on the tipped over flower pot. Today I opened my window, got my camera and hoped she would pop out from under the deck (where she often goes in the heat of the day). And out she popped! She made little chittering chattering noises and sang a beautiful song. Here are some photos I took of her. I also wanted to share last night’s sky with you. It was magical with SO many colors of purple and blue and orange.

Finally, my daughter asked me to stand in the road so she could take my picture. I wanted to share that too because she said she thought it was like I had been resurrected under the sky. At that moment it felt that way.

*photos above taken by me

*photo below taken by my daughter

No filters or editing done on these. Pretty awesome right! Can’t help but brighten a day

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