Photos of the day on adventures with the husband

First and foremost their is Bambi! OOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!! I knew I would not get a clear shot because it happened so fast. He was just on the sidewalk with us and then poof gone! But he was beautiful. Just beautiful. I’ve never seen the spots on the baby before!

We saw a rainbow when we left our house and hoped it would still be there when we got to our destination which was a long boardwalk that goes out onto Paynes prairie. The rainbow was there!!!!!!! So exciting. That board walk was NOT easy to get my scooter down though.

On the way back was an alligator ofcourse. Then over the lake we saw dragonflies and flowers and marvelous tree roots. But


18 thoughts on “Photos of the day on adventures with the husband

      1. Oh i read your blog all the time!
        For some reason wordpress will randomly unfollow. This weekend nomatter how many times i clicked follow it just as quickly unfollowed.
        I guess it is just a glitch.
        I read blogs a few hours every day. I may not comment but i do read and get inspiration !

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      2. Oh thats great Bethany and this WordPress is awful with our posts, so many of them go in spam folder and there are no corrections from their end. Thanks so much dear, have a great day and you keep on posting such positive nature and wonderful and cute animals and birds that are a pleasure to watch. Have a great day dear.

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