David Bloomquist: unofficially Registered Sex Offender

It’s taken my brain a week of reviewing it’s brain files to finally be able to categorize each piece and put it where it belongs so that I can write. I needed to sort through the conversations, the comments, the memories, the flashbacks, and everything inbetween that happened about 12 years ago, to finally make some sense out of what seemed like a senseless act. It was not senseless. It was a thought out, planned, plotted and executed attack that had been practiced countless times before me with countless victims still wandering aimlessly wondering, “why me,” not realizing they were a hop skip and a jump to the next victim number 100. I was probably victim 100 and I cannot even fathom how many have come after me.

This started a week ago when a man on the road behind us spoke to me about David Bloomquist.

I went to google and I searched: David Bloomquist…images. There he was on Facebook. Look him up. He has bleached white teeth and bleached blonde hair. He is either lounging on his boat, a hammock, or next to his airplane. His ex-sister in-law pining away with her comments of how much she misses him in the most twisted sense of the word twisted!

After David attacked me, this ex-sister in law said to me a few words that I won’t forget. 1. Did he promise you 100,000 dollars in his attic. That’s what he promised me. 2. You shouldn’t be walking around wearing those small tank tops 3. He did the same thing to my daughter.

Whatever David did to her and her daughter, if it was anything like what he did to me, which she seemed to know the full details of, should not result in her “missing” him on a facebook comment. I’m not here to judge this woman, just to highlight her place in allowing him to abuse me and to not only then blame my clothing but dismiss it all together with the facts of him doing the same thing to them.

I later confronted David, after he attacked me, in a random run in at a grocery store, about what he had done to his own sister-in-law and her daughter and to me. His words, “ You are a minister, you HAVE to forgive me.” He did not say, “ I never hurt any of you,” or “ I never did anything to my sister-in-law or her daughter.” He denied nothing.

A week ago I ran into an old friend of David, this man on the road, who told me of David’s “game.” How he pulled in women with “pity” due to his Post Polio syndrome. How David told women that soon he would “never be able to drive again, walk again, fly his plane again.” I was speechless because this is exactly what David did to me starting the first day that I met him. This man told me how David used this pity for his evil ways and he had known him for 30 or so years. I flashed back to David pulling down his pants in his living room to show me in his underwear his atrophied leg. It was a purposeful shock value of not only pulling down his pants but then showing his atrophied leg.

David was a Professor at the University of Florida. He was married to my best friend. I was at their house a few days a week with my then 2 year old daughter for about 10 years running! This man on the road KNEW that David was a predator and KNEW I was there with my young daughter. He KNEW David’s game and how he plotted like an emotionless sociopath to terrify women and yet did nothing. This man lived a few doors down. He tossed me to the dragon KNOWING what he would do.

Someone always knows.

There are always other victims.

You are never the ONLY one.

Really, if you are reading this thinking that you are the only person that was molested, raped, attacked by a monster, you are wrong.

This man on the road had hoped I would have put David in prison for what he did to me. I told him that unfortunately due to my childhood abuses and the subsequent PTSD, I was unable to voice what happened with David until it was too late to do anything about what he had done to me. So, this neighborhood sits back, knowing what David did to me, hoping I would do SOMETHING. Not one of them came to my house to offer me advice, help, counsel, empathy, anything at all. Not one of them said they were sorry for what he had done. No one did a thing.

David’s own sister-in-law saw me on a weekly basis. My daughter and I visited her farm with David’s wife weekly to ride horses and visit her farm animals. At any point I could have been warned what a predator he was. No one warned me. And to think I had my daughter with me. I can only be thankful he never touched her. This man I was speaking to last week even said so. That I should be thankful I got my daughter away. That I should be thankful that I did what I had to do to get away from David that night ALIVE.

It was only after the fact that I was told of what David DOES. I was told by his sister-in-law shortly after, and by this man 12 years after.

I could not process this information when I was first told it last week. I sat listening in the car to him with my daughter next to me. My daughter felt it would be validating to some degree to hear that someone not only believed me but that I was not the only one David had done this to. She said this because of my past history of a lifetime of denial by my family, friends, town people, of the abuse inflicted upon me by the ski coach on my lake. I can see why my daughter would think it would be validating to be believed. She knew that her own grandparents, uncles, cousins, and everyone else had left me, and her, because I spoke the truth about the abuse they chose to ignore. I understand why my daughter wants me to be validated. In a sense it was good information to have, to know, that others knew what David had done 12 years ago and actually believe me. But I didn’t feel validated. For me I felt something different. I felt betrayed. I felt like I had knowingly been thrown to a sociopath while others just watched and waited to see how long it would take. It took David 8 years from the time he met me to the time he terrorized me in his garage. EIGHT YEARS. I am positive there are others that it only took a day for him to do what he does. Maybe there are others that it took months.

David has a leg that is atrophied from what he has said is Post polio. My leg is equally atrophied from a muscle disease. David still drives, flies his plane and drives his boat. What really struck me that the man said to me on the road was that David took joy in recklessness and causing others fear in this recklessness.

As David held me hostage in his garage and I begged repeatedly to be set free, I saw something in his eyes. The absence of conscience. The intent to cause fear. The plan to control and overpower. This gave me a fear I had not felt as a child being molested. In his eyes, the eyes of James William Banks (lovingly known to his family and friends as simply Billy which I only recently found this was his REAL name), who molested me as a child, I saw an almost happiness. He loved molesting me. He was happy to do so. But with David. It was different. I knew he could snap my neck, walk away, and smile the smile of a man with no real soul. I’m not saying that the child molester was not also soulless I am just reflecting on how I felt when I looked into each of their eyes.

The night I told David’s wife, my best friend of what he had done she said she would leave him. I got a phone call from her later, I could hear him in the background crying and pleading. She and he were both begging me to just forgive him. What I realize now is that David was not really crying. He is a sociopath. He has the inability to feel. He was just playing his game and winning. He had convinced his wife of remorse. His wife then chose him over me and stayed with him until a few years ago when he finally left her.

David Bloomquist is a monster. A heartless, soulless, sociopath, who should be in prison.

When you look at his pictures you see a charismatic happy go lucky man. Monsters do not look like monsters.

The man on the road could have protected me. David’s sister-in-law could have protected me. But no one speaks of these things.

Until now.

I am sending out this warning that I hope pops up on google when you search David Bloomquist. I even hope that naming Billy Banks real name of James William Banks will pop up too so that other victims of these men will know that they are not the only one. And that ONE person, ME, tried to do SOMETHING to spread the word of their crimes. So many others could have helped me and spoken for me as I was truly broken from these men. Yet, I, who have felt has never had a voice, realize now I am the only one who has said a word. In reflecting this last week I now see that I had feel during PTSD moments that I have no voice. But I DID have a voice back then and I do now.

Even as a 15 year old girl I wrote on our waterski ramp on our lake “ Billy Banks is a child molester. Protect your children.” I have always tried to protect others even if I could not protect myself. In other’s silence and cowardice, innocent lives cannot be spared from these monsters.

David Bloomquist should be a registered sex offender. Everyone should know what he has done. He may not be registered with the law but he is registered here. David Bloomquist: the NOW registered sex offender.

4 thoughts on “David Bloomquist: unofficially Registered Sex Offender

  1. Is he the David Bloomquist that is a radio host? Just read an article about David (radio host) where he quotes about its easier for a 14 year old to tell her parents its rape than to be honest that she consented to sex. He was referring to the case of two football stars that were arrested for raping two different girls. I am soooo angry after reading that article. Why does he still have a job?


    1. He lives in Gainesville Florida where I live last I knew. I’m not sure if he has moved or does a radio show. Everything thought and treated him like a God being that he has a PHD and that seems to make him some sort of superhero when he is just a sex offender


      1. Calculated. They are often very smart and very good looking. This fallacy of them looking scary…never been true in my experiences. Only scary in my nightmares. But to others, good looking guy. He’s on facebook. Anyone can look him up by University of Florida and David Bloomquist

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