Humor: my fake make up tutorial to make my daughter laugh

I’ve actually watched real make up tutorials and enjoyed them…but on this day my daughter was having a rough day and I wanted to make her laugh so I made these fake over the top make up tutorials to make her laugh. This is what we do around here. The silliness…

6 thoughts on “Humor: my fake make up tutorial to make my daughter laugh

  1. Oh, I’m chortling with your daughter!
    My almost 7 year old granddaughter loves to make me up (I never learnt hair or makeup so what you see is what you get!) …. we both giggle like that! It’s so nice to hear the two of you .. that’s true love. Thanks for sharing that! TS


    1. My daughter is a wizard with make up and always is trying to show me how to do it properly so I just had so much fun doing this and being so obnoxious about it. When my daughter gives me a make over it looks gorgeous. So it is this ongoing joke that I have no idea what I am doing. I love to make her laugh and then her laughing makes me laugh.

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    1. Rated g entertainment right there. My daughter has decided she wants me to do make up on her next. I can;t even imagine….that eyebrow i drew on myself was there for weeks. It was like some permanent marker!

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