One day you’ll know

You may be 70


Even 90

It may happen quickly

Or very very slow

But one day

You will know

You’ll have lost the body you

Thought you owned

You’ll have lost those who promised

They’d never leave you alone

When you’re a prisoner

In your own mind

In your own home

Kept company by your hollow bones


For that one person

With hope

They’ll rescue from this

Slippery slippery slope

But they won’t come.

No one will know what you’ve become

Completely undone.

Then you’ll remember

As you lay there unable to sleep

I told you, one day you’d see

Exactly how it feels to be me.

And as you wait

For your own fate

You’ll realize the love you should’ve given

For me is far too little

And far past late.

It’s so sad that this is so

But one day

You’ll know

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