Where did I leave off…wild horses! The baby!

This will always be one of THOSE magical moments that I will never forget. On the second day and third my husband and I went back to the wetlands in hopes the wild horses would still be there. They were. And the baby came right up to me. I had to put my camera down because the baby was about an inch from me. I put out my hand. I have no idea why but at that she walked off. I wonder what she would have done if I had not put out my hand. Either was, this baby came right up. Then the mama came up to check me out. I had a moment of…oh no these are wild horses what if…but there was no what if. They were just magical and deemed me worthy of being with them. I did not walk up to them. They came to me.

The baby nursed on multiple mothers which was just the coolest thing ever! It was a wonderful few days of wild horses. More pictures coming up

5 thoughts on “Where did I leave off…wild horses! The baby!

    1. Now that I have unlimited space I decided to just upload them as is. I was going to if I had to save space but since my husband wanted me to just pay for unlimited storage I can just upload whatever! I’m very excited to be able to share everything I couldn’t before. Especially videos I have done for my friend that can’t see

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      1. I will try and restrain myself from posting all of my photos that I take but they just make me so happy! I hope everyone will be supportive of that part of my life

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