15 thoughts on “Video of baby hawk in nest calling to mama

    1. Good that one worked! Isn’t that so great! I loved that the moment I got my camera out she called out. They are soo high in the tree and their nest is covered in sticks and moss it has been hard to get any good photos

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      1. Yesterday they lost the fuzzies. Their heads are getting color finally. They have been so cool to watch grow up. The mother was sitting on the edge of our house when we got home and she was majestic

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      2. That sounds so peaceful to watch them… I have a small area in my backyard where we’ve planted a garden and flowers I’m hoping to attract some hummingbirds this summer.


      3. For hours I watch them a day when it isn’t pouring rain. I would LOVE to see a hummingbird. It is on my bucket list to get a picture of one

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      4. Ipad is perfect. It is what i used up until christmas and worked just fine. Just not for far away while in wheelchair which is why he got me the camera

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    1. I am soooo happy you were able to do that!!!!! All my videos I do for you and you can always save whatever you want to. I’m so glad you liked them

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