Photos: birds and ducks and alligators oh my

This first bird I loved. He was holding onto that rock as the water was flowing. We have had so much rain that it’s as if he were in a flowing stream! I love his red eyes and that one piece of white hair in the back.

Raindrops were on every flower and lily pad. And as it is still raining outside I’m guessing more raindrop photos will continue.

The alligators, unlike during the winter, are more active now, swimming under the boardwalk. I’m not so thrilled about them but still cannot pass up taking their photograph.

I got a photo of an endangered kite which was very exciting and the last to be seen this day was a tiny bunny.

The next day, yesterday, it was so rainy that I rode in the passenger seat as my husband drove me around and I used my zoom lens to take photos of flowers and ducks (aren’t those markings on the ducks awesome!).

Now everyone is officially caught up on the last few weeks of rainy photography! I’m so thrilled to post my photos because each one stands for a moment I was able to capture something that gave my mind a moment away from PTSD and gave my heart a little peace (other than the alligators that really I just photograph for those who like them).


7 thoughts on “Photos: birds and ducks and alligators oh my

    1. I have mixed feelings on the alligators. Part of me is interested and almost immediatly after I think NO! But they are covered in algae so it is interesting

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