Photographs around my neighborhood

I took these photos around my neighborhood in my wheelchair on walks with my husband. It has been raining in Florida every day for a month so our little adventures out are short and inbetween rain bursts but still so well worth it if I catch one raindrop on a flower or a beautiful bird.

The hawk was on the corner of our house last night as we pulled into the driveway from our walk. The hawks nest is across the road in our neighbor’s front yard. The babies now have coloring to them and are losing their fluffy downy white heads.

The sandhill cranes were walking on the edge of the prairie behind our house. Their are two pairs out there now that are the Florida sandhill cranes. They stay year round. The other sandhill cranes are only here in the winter.

The woodpeckers live in our backyard and I enjoy them every moment I see them even if it’s the thousandth time!

6 thoughts on “Photographs around my neighborhood

    1. Sorry that one isn’t working. I did two new videos for you though that are just videos that i just uploaded no photos just video. I am doing one more

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