On more adventures with the husband

This video is a little baby limpkin calling for her mama. Her mama was in the water next to her with her brother. They were eating snails. My husband and I barely beat the rain this evening and it was beautiful to see the clouds reflecting in the water and all of the purple and yellow water flowers blooming.

17 thoughts on “On more adventures with the husband

      1. I ran out of space on my wordpress to put videos but my husband agreed to pay for , encouraged me to buy extra space so I did. I have tons of video for you. I just posted one for you of a baby hawk in his nest calling his mama

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      2. Ok i did 3 videos for you just now. It is $200 a year! Which I refused to do but my husband said it makes me happy to post my videos and photos so he really wanted me to do it

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      3. It was 17 dollars a month and you pay it all at once and then it covers the year. I put it on my credit card so I will have to pay it off a little at a time.

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      4. Yes unlimited space and upgraded protection from spam which will be nice and no ads on the page. I like the unlimited video and photos

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      5. Cool I have no ads on my page now I paid for that a few weeks ago I wonder if I’d have to pay extra to get more space probably have to pay something at least maybe half of it I don’t know


      6. Is your account a premium account? That is what I paid for first and it gave me 13gb of space and no ads. But the upgrade to business account gave me unlimited space. I asked wordpress and they said it was my only option for upgrading space

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      7. No I only have the very basic account. I have my own domain but I don’t have a premium account I only have like three gigs of space and it’s nearly gone so I probably would upgrade to 13 gigs for now


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