VERY exciting adventures with the husband 1

After seeing the wild horses we decided to go back today. The last time they were not accessible to me and I was driven to them by a park ranger. But TODAY they were just on the side of the path grazing near the water. My husband and I, and a few people behind us went up the path and I sat back in the grass so I could take photos. They were maybe 30 yards(yeah I have no clue) away from us and I was taking photos. The other couples walked past and continued on. I was just sitting there and the baby was grazing but walking closer and closer. Finally he lifted his head and came right to me. It was by far one of the most incredible moments ever. I took one photo of him then put my camera down. I had to embrace the moment. For some reason put out my hand and the minute I did he walked past. I wonder what he would have done had I not put out my hand. After that the mother came by. She walked right up and for a second I thought this may not be good but nope she just checked me out and walked past.

The second exciting thing was realizing that the one baby was nursing on two separate mothers! I had no idea they did this. My husband and I sat for two hours watching them. About a quarter of the way through ( I will withhold my rage) a man decided to walk out to them near the water and photograph them and they all ran away. I videotaped them while they ran away and it was so interesting to watch the stallion make sure his baby was over the hill and out of sight. The mares followed behind. I raced my scooter as fast as I could to…well I am not sure what I would have said to the man because when I caught up to him he didn’t speak english so…he walked on…scared the horses more…then finally got bored an walked away. Then my husband and I sat for another hour or so just watching the horses graze out in the prairie. They were absolutely beautiful to watch. The wind was blowing. It was overcast. The birds were flying all around us. It was an incredible time with incredible moments. I will upload some of the photos here and then in another post since they won’t all upload onto one (at least I don’t know how to do that without crashing WP)

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