15 thoughts on “#wildhorses took my breath away

    1. This was 10 minutes away. My husband drove me there. But most of it is within wheelchair distance which is all a afew miles around my home yes

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    2. My favorite i sent to you for your contest bc i know it cant be posted anywhere else . My husband wants to print it.
      The prairie behind our house has tons of wildlife deer birds cranes and next door is a fox den and across the street is a hawks nest so we are surrounded

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    1. I know! How can they be so shiny?!!!
      I went to a farm last week and the manes were matted and the coats dull. Quite a comparison and i’m so curious how a wild horse can be so beautiful


      1. I’m thinking because they are out in the sun, eating their natural diet most likely. And free at all times. And with their family. They follow their own rules, not the rules of any owner.

        A horse’s health on a farm will depend on its diet, how much it gets out in the sun (out of the musty dusty barn, inside the confining stall) and of course how much its loved. Which is part of everything else I mentioned.

        Sound familiar? 😛

        Of course I don’t suggest freeing all domestic animals. They’d never survive. But I’d bet that’s the difference between the wild and domestic horses.

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      2. And I looked it up and one prairie alone that they have is 22 thousand acres. That is way differnt than a few acres and a dusty barn with some hay for sure

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      3. It is truly breathtaking to look out over it all. I can only see part of it but there is a huge tower you can climb to look over more of it. My husband has carried me up one flight of stairs but i’m too scared to go up or down more than that

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    1. Hearing them eat grass and then as they ran away and I could feel the ground since I was sitting on it as their hooves hit the ground was really neat. You could tell how heavy they were by how the ground felt as they ran. They ended up running away because a man went up to them and scared them

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      1. I got in my scooter and chased after him to yell at him I was so angry. When I caught up to him he did not speak english!!!!!! The horses ran off away from him and it was sad because then I didn’t get to see them either. I don’t think he knew any better. He must have thought they were just regular horses out there and did not know they were wild. I was very angry at him though because he interupted my peaceful moment. Then I thought about it later and thought I was glad he scared them away because they need to know humans cannot be trusted and they are better off way out in the prairie and not near us because not everyone is like me

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