Florida rain and clouds

It’s been raining for days. I finally got out the front door with an umbrella and took some photos. My garden outside my front door is like a little lake! Nothing like Florida rain!

15 thoughts on “Florida rain and clouds

  1. Ha, Bethany! I have to defend NYC and, especially, Brooklyn! We’ve got this ugh weather, too. Just hoping it changes to a sunny May weekend …. TS

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    1. It seems to be the oddest weather all over the US these days with snow in areas and this rain! If only the rain would bring back cool temperatures for just ohhhh a week! It’s already wayyyy to hot for it only being May.

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  2. Great photos!

    Thinking of you today – my Thursday and Saturday aqua fitness classes have fill-in teachers because our regular one is in Florida this week :).


    1. Right now there isnt thunder so it’s calming. Earlier i was out with an umbrella and taking these and a massive branch fell near me. Lesson learned…maybe!

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    1. It hadnt rained in a long time then finally…but now it has rained for 6 straight days. Fortunately we get a little break in the evening for a walk. I hope it rains there soon.

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      1. The rain this week has been really nice because it hasn’t included huge bolts of lightening or thunder, just all night light rain. Everything is so green now. Have you taken any pictures lately?

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