The last photos on adventures today

I am very proud of myself for going out. After being in terrible physical shape and going to the emergency physicians on friday night I really did not plan on going anywhere this weekend. But I really wanted to LIVE! And I LIVE by being out on adventures with the man I love and just being in that moment. While we are out I don’t think about my health, medications, life choices, house/car choices, or anything stressful. We take each moment and look at the baby birds and get completely immersed in that moment so that nothing else exists. It was a little more difficult today I will admit. I got overheated even though we went at 6pm because my body is struggling, but it was so important to get out and LIVE! And we did

Ps the green dragon fly scares me! I have no idea why. He was on my wish list for photos since I have a yellow one and blue one. But the green one…idk…scared me a little bit!

13 thoughts on “The last photos on adventures today

    1. We went on a boardwalk over a marsh area where all of the birds were and the dragonflies were everywhere landing in front of us and that one landed on the rail of the boardwalk. I always wanted a picture of a green one to add to my other dragon fly photos but for some reason I looked at it after I took it and he scared me a little bit. No clue why!!! The blue one and yellow one seemed calming to me. They are somewhere in the depths of my blog πŸ™‚ but this one just, oh who knows, tomorrow I may not even feel the same way. But all of the pictures today the birds and animals just seemed so full of character and each one had a personality it seemed. I took many videos but my tremor was so bad that even on the stand my hand shook and so my husband said it was too hard to watch. Kind of makes you sea sick it’s too shaky. Oh well! I still like the other photos!


    2. Oh and to better answer your question, i was in my scooter and my husband was bent over steering it for me so that I could use both arms to take photos. I had the camera on a monopod stand on the foot rest of my scooter and the dragonfly just happened to land in front of us so we stopped so I could take his picture


      1. Absolutely it’s not a spam comment. I read your article and I inspired on your way of hard work to click awesome images. That’s why it’s interesting in my terms. I also like to roam around nature and make clicks with family. I am not a professional photographer. But I am crazy on it. Sometimes I couldnt continue the clicks in the awesome style. Anyway thanks for your blog that makes me more interesting in photography.


      2. Ahhh you are real!!!!
        It’s so hard to know these days. I get 100 spam messages and all happen to use the word “interesting” so I love that fact you are real and you meant interesting as it is meant to be used. Super cool!
        I am not a professional by any means in fact i have no clue what i am doing, have not read the manual to my camera and have a terrible tremor and and amazed at anything I get that isn’t a blur!
        I love photography though because it keeps me in the moment and makes me aware and notice things I normally wouldnt have.

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      3. LOL i’m sorry if I offended you. I had just deleted over 100 spam comments but yours I obviously thought MAYBE wasn’t or I wouldnt have approved it so I’m really glad you replied so I know you aren’t a computer!
        I love taking photos. So much. So thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it.


    1. Oh thank you Nan. I have had pain for the duration of this muscle disease but since I was bitten by a tick a month ago the pain has become unbearable. Joint and muscle and bone pain. The doctor that I normally see tested for tick diseases (even though I already HAD a tick disease years ago) and they just came back today negative. So there is no explanation why this tick bite triggered me to have severe pain. I was doing much better, driving some, being a little more independent. But now that pain is just awful which is why my husband took me to the ER. I got IV meds that helped but that was temporary. I feel quite despondent tonight over my health situation and the non answers and the multitude of symtpoms that have no fixes for. I’m having a hard time coping. The tremor in my hand is also just awful. So I tried to video but it was too shaky. I tried to take photographs today and it took 600 to get one clear one. So, well, I’m just complaining I suppose now as I feel quite alone in this. I appreciate you wanting to comfort me. Thank you so much. You are so so kind.


  1. Beautiful! I’m happy you find your ways on how to truly LIVE the moment, even one moment at a time. You captured the beauty in your photos and delight your heart that spreads to those who came to your site:)

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