17 thoughts on “#alligator:photos on adventures with the husband

  1. Steve Irwin would love this. I was watching on youtube, the episode of Oprah when he was on there in 2003. I know it’s gators you’ve got down there, but he brought a croc out on stage. It was crazy. It was pretty docile though. His wife brought out baby tigers and that night I had a dream about walking around with a tiger… I posted about it the next day. Hint hint. 😀

    That zoom lens is like wow! I would swear he is eying you in that first shot and then…
    it was just the algae he was after. Whew! I kept staring at both photos. Imagining being so close. (I know…zoom lens) And I’m thinking, I can’t even imagine living in the same zip code as all those alligators. Just yikes.


    1. He was scary as shit! He really was. I was on a boardwalk above him and he was down in the water. I was resting the lens on the railing. He was tossing and turning all in that algae. He was looking right at me. And he was just so massive. I kept thinking he looked more like a crocodile than an alligator but really was amazed he didn’t have as many huge teeth as I would think.
      My husband said where he grew up they didn’t swim where there were alligators. This place though is small areas of water. The lakes we skied on were massive and supposedly the alligators stayed near the shores in the weeds. But I don’t know. I never saw one when I skied. I was never afraid. Weird right? I mean you would not see me jumping in this water knowing this alligator was there that’s for sure.
      I love that dream you had. I commented on it. I hope it went through, my comment. Now I can’t even remember if we talked about it or not. Walking with a tiger is a dream I would not mind having at all.

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      1. He looks mean. I wouldn’t want to tangle with him that’s for sure. And yeah, the teeth look so tiny in proportion to the rest of him.

        Did your husband grow up far from where you did?

        Lol…naw, I wouldn’t want to swim with him either. Water ski though, that might be different…haha just kidding. I’ve never actually water skied so I’d fall and he’d eat me anyway.

        Okay now I’m getting delirious.

        Walking around with a tiger was pretty cool and it was a fairly vivid dream as far as my memory of it but most of my dreams in recent years are dark in one way or another. Like that one took place at night but even when they don’t, they seem grayish and foggy, not clear as far as seeing.

        I don’t see your comment though. It must not have gone through.


      2. Wtf I wrote the longest comment ever! Are you serious! It didn’t go through! I’m so pissed!!!!!
        I wonder how many others I’ve commented on havent gone through.
        But I spent so much time analyzing…..that sucks.
        I will have to go back and reread it and send you a message bc now I don’t trust this stupid thing.
        Another girl said none of my messages appeared on hers but no one’s did and she fixed it but it said it sent. So annoyed right now.

        The problem with waterskiing is falling! In with the alligators!
        My husband grew up 2 hours away. I’m not sure why they didn’t swim in the lakes there. I want to know the difference now though.

        My dreams are dark too. Nothing happy or lovely in my dreams these days. But that tiger one you dreamt of was really cool. How you cared about protecting him and how the woman though you should be worried about who he may hurt but you just wanted him to be safe and how he went into that hole and you thought he’d be ok there. I just thought it was so neat that you cared so much about his safety and that seemed like the main theme. I will read it again though.


      3. Dammit! I hate wordpress sometimes. The glitches are ridiculous. I hate so much losing all that. I love your input. I’m bumming I won’t get to read it.
        It really was an interesting dream.

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      4. Im going to read it all again tomorrow and recomment
        What sucks is the app maybe and the reader. I dont know. I never go back to recheck if the comment goes through.
        Nan left a comment for me earlier that she lost her original comment to me and was writing another. So many complaints about glitches and mine will crash mid type sometimes and i pay for my own name on my site too! Free or paid for same glitches.


      5. Okay that would be great if you read it and comment again. See what you can remember. I’m so into getting my dreams analyzed. I had a therapist for a short time that was good at that.

        I was just looking at pricing for upgrading to a paid domain. It’s expensive for me right now. And if there’s problems like this with wp itself then it pretty much makes up my mind for now.


      6. I noticed a few comments aren’t there so i just left one and it worked i think but then i put another one and it didnt show up. So i’m bummed. I will send you a message about the dream/email bc i don’t want my comment to be lost in wordpress world


      7. Aw man!! I’m really bummed too about this. Last night I checked the email attached to this account too to see if your comment about my tiger dream went through there maybe, but it didn’t. 😦

        WTF is going on?? Freaking wordpress!


      8. I replied to a comment 20 minutes ago and it JUST popped up “reply sent” 20 minutes later.


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