14 thoughts on “The field of gold I stumbled upon today :photos

  1. A beautiful set of photo’s Bethany. 🙂 I haven’t picked up my DSLR since November last year, but last night I took it out, cleaned my lenses, and packed my camera bag. I’m planning on going to the beach this weekend (and looking on the internet for beautiful places I haven’t seen near where I live) and taking some photo’s. You’ve inspired me. Thank you. 🙂


    1. I meant to include that note cards in big packs perfectly sized for photos are easy to get and inexpensive. Then a bit of Elmer’s glue and you’re done, cards for every occasion. A four or five pack makes a nice gift to give to others too…

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    2. Not that I have read but that is a great compliment that anyone would want to make cards out of my photos.
      Your photos are in a completely different realm though. You are so talented and you capture such perfectly clear images of nature

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