Photos I just took of baby bird being fed

This magical place where I can sit in my living room and take photos of a baby bird being fed way up in a live oak. I know they aren’t super clear. They were pretty far away! But how cool is this! They were very vocal

20 thoughts on “Photos I just took of baby bird being fed

    1. Babies everywhere!!!! I just watched a hawk feed his babies and they were chirping. So many babies around I love it!
      I’ve been wanting to comment on your blog but in the last few weeks my reader won’t seem to allow me to. Trying to figure it out. Just says error when try to comment. But I do read your posts just so you know 🙂
      The last few days this is bird central it seems. I am sitting outside now and they are filling the trees around me.
      I am determined to get a good wren photo and a good blue jay photo yet every day I don’t. But something else comes along.

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      1. I love birds. I’d be right there with you in the pleasure of watching them. As far as WP, don’t worry but ty for letting me know that. I’ve been trying to redo the site and have lost many comments that were already there even. So I don’t know what’s up with it. It’s been a struggle being consistent on it and of course I always feel bad because I love to support people but at one time even felt I didn’t write anymore, glad that changed hehe. So grateful for our community here even through the ins and outs and upside downs. You must gt that bluejay photo…love them 😛


      2. I’m glad you still write. It is a balance. Sometimes i will read a few blogs a week. Sometimes I will read 50 a day. Sometimes I will go weeks without reading anything. Sometimes it is too much input for my brain and I just want there to be output and processing and not input. I just told my husband my new mission is that bluejay! Gotta get him! I love being outside. My option is being in my bed depressed, overthinking, living in pain and suffering OR outside and absorbing as much good as I can. I try to do this choice as often as I can. WP does have some glitches with the comments.
        My account I just looked at and it shows I am down 3000 views from last month. So i’m not sure what happened. Maybe i am not putting out there what others want to read, they are doing their own thing, or it is WP thing? Not sure, but I just write what comes to me whether it is poetry, story, life, or photographs.
        Ok working on that blue jay…

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      3. Oh you know that made me smile re: the bluejay. And I think it’s like that for all of us on WP. That is why we can move through, stay, leave and come back, mull a few posts and then gorge on many, take breaks…we get each other through the seasons! But you hit the nail on the head, it’s a balance some day/months/years different than another. Happy bluejay hunting 😛 I hope I don’t miss that post!!!


      4. Well i got a hopping woodpecker instead. He was so stinkin precious I had to get my video camera out which I do not know how to use so hopefully it uploads. The yard is full of everything BUT blue jays!!! I will let you know when i find the blue jay! It’s been a hawk woodpecker kind of day today. I’ve decided to inundate wp with photos bc why not!!!!!

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      5. Then I went BACK out and got the sunset and moon. I am forcing myself to stop now. I’ve never done morning until moon photos. I will have to repeat this again!!!!

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    1. I’ve been outside for almost 10 hours now just taking photos of whatever birds happen to come by. It’s been really neat. I have posted most of them and probably driven my followers wild with notifications but I’m just so excited when I am visited by birds

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