In adventures with the husband: a walk with a hawk

As soon as I hear many birds YELLING, I know the hawk or the owl are near. Hawks and owls get yelled at a lot. The hawk was right on a fence line. I took many pictures of him as he looked at us. He was a beautiful sight. I was NOT expecting him to fly straight at us. He did. He flew directly over both our heads. I gasped and grabbed my heart. Had my husband not been there no one would have believed that hawk flew right over our heads. I was sure he was going to land on my head. It was an incredible moment. Some moments cannot be captured except with in the heart. This was one.

I took many photos of the hawk as he went for a little walk with us. He landed on a tree, then on the ground, then on an archway, then on a palmetto bush. I look at the photos and think, ok these are not the perfect depiction of this incredible creature that placed himself on the most beautiful places to be photographed. But then, some moments cannot be captured. They just are. This hawk clearly was connected to us. He landed on the palmetto bush( or some sort of palm) and a car came up. The car saw I was taking photos and actually stopped! I was on the side of the road with the camera on a monopod in my wheelchair with my husband standing next to me and that car stopped. How respectful is that!!!!! I waved him on when I thought I had enough pictures. I love others respectful of me and my little happy moments.

I thanked the beautiful hawk.

It’s funny because I had gone for a walk earlier and found a hawk feather. I hoped I would see hawk but didn’t. Instead I saw many flowers that I held in my hand. I have found holding flowers to be a new found joy. Each feels different. It’s like hugging a soft kitten but it’s a flower. I guess you’d have to be there!

Here are my photos of the day:

The first picture is him looking at us right before he flew over us

This is a completely different hawk we saw when we started our walk. He was very talkative and HUGE.

And I just cannot leave out this tiny dove hidden in the grass that I could barely see because she was just straight up preciousness.

9 thoughts on “In adventures with the husband: a walk with a hawk

  1. Amazing pictures. I’m going for an wild bird handling day in July that my partner bought for me at Christmas. I can’t wait! You are so lucky to of captured this beautiful bird x


    1. That sounds awesome! I would love to do something like that!
      We wander aimlessly through the neighborhood listening and waiting for birds to pop up. So many are around our house . Thanks for the comment and looking at my pictures

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  2. Aw the dove in the grass makes me smile. So cute.
    The hawk of course is beautiful and the shots you got are so clear. I love that we can make out all his markings. Unless you said that the last photo was a different hawk I don’t think I would’ve known that. But I can see the different expression on his (her?) face when I really look.

    Do you know the kind of hawks these are? I can probably look it up but thought I’d ask you anyway. The type around here are red-tail and I’m not sure but I think are the only kind. I’d have to look that up too. lol.

    I can see how certain flowers would feel like holding a soft kitten. I have touched flowers when I see them. Some of them are so velvety. Like the flowers that grow on dog wood trees. They feel like that.


    1. The one is a red shouldered hawk and he has a shorter my square tail when he flies but I’m not sure about the other one. The other one had a scary look on his face whereas this one had a sweet one I thought.
      I’ve never held flowers in my hand before so it is interesting how some are rubbery and some are velvety

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      1. Haha, yeah I thought that too about the looks on their faces. That second one looks mean. The first one has a cuter, gentler look.

        btw: I finally got that email off to you.


      2. I posted a better pictures so you can see his red shoulder. I will read the email now thanks for letting me know


      3. I ended up going for a walk while everyone was sleeping so i could have alone time and didn’t read your email yet. Sorry!!!! I will today!!

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