In my yard

In my yard I discovered that in the dip in the land at the back of the property is this perfect arch of trees. I can’t normally walk down there and have not in years. I had no idea such beauty was there.

As I turned around I saw on the opposite side were trees that had reached almost completely sideways to reach the sun. Out past them, where the foxes live was an overnight field of yellow wildflowers.

I sat back on the deck and took pictures of the large live oak outside my bedroom, the beautiful bright soft green leaves on the tiny maple and the hole the woodpeckers have been working on in another tree. He was pretty night up and busy pecking so his head is a little blurry. The rope swing is also still there after 14 years

Then this bug caught my attention for awhile. I wonder how many people can watch a bug for an hour. I can!

I looked out and saw for only 3 seconds this tiny yellow bird. I cannot believe that I got a photo of him. I was super excited! Then the sun set and from my deck I took a picture of the clouds. For a few hours I had not a care in the world. Even my sweet owl came for a visit but I didn’t get a picture.

21 thoughts on “In my yard

  1. I love when trees form a sort of tunnel/arch like that. It comes across as very surreal in your photo.

    The oak is gorgeous. Trees make such great photographic subjects. And the woodpecker looks pretty clear to me.

    That yellow bird is so beautiful. I love how the head is gray and that gray softly becomes yellow on it’s torso.

    That bug is pretty cool. Never saw one like that before. I can pass the time watching an interesting bug. I’ve watched an army of ants before as they were busily working. I think it’s cool to watch them carry food. (Not if they’re in my house though.) Lol…We’ve had that problem before.


    1. I’ve been debating on doing an ant photoshoot 🙂 I really want to do that one day!
      I had to research that bug. It drove me crazy that I had no idea what he was. He is actually called an assasin beetle!!!! I was pretty shocked. But he eats mosquitos so you’d think he’d be named the helper of human beetles.
      I loved that little yellow bird so much. I could not believe that my camera got him so far away. He was way out there and it was so clear and he was so sweet and tiny and i loved his feathers too.

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      1. Looking forward to that photo shoot. Use the video too. 🙂

        That beetle is even cooler now in my mind whatever it’s called. Pretty harsh name though. lol. Any bug (or other animal) that eats blood suckers is OK in my book. What eats tics? Ha!

        I wasn’t gonna comment this, but that bird made my eyes well up a bit. So cute and so beautiful at the same time.


      2. Oh yeah, good idea. I totally forget I have the video function on here. Now I have to research tick eaters!!
        After we went out yesterday I looked over myself with a magnifying glass basically to make sure I had no ticks

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