Since I failed at convincing myself…here are some photos

I tried very hard to convince myself I did not have a muscle disease. What if…I tried all day. It didn’t work. I have a muscle disease. So, I took some photos.

I took the car out that I CAN drive because I can put myself right next to the wheel and my arms aren’t extended. It died on the prairie. How fortunate for me that two little birds kept me company! I tried the car a few times. It didn’t start. So I took pictures. I mean what else could I do! After awhile it started and I inched home. I was then convinced I could drive our other car. I couldn’t. So I saw this snail. He and I hung out for a bit. What else could I do! It was raining and windy and I thought well maybe it will start again even though it smelled a bit burned up.

So, my car is dead but at least it got me home before totally dying. I was only a few miles away but that is scary for a person out without her scooter and far greater reasons. But all turned out! For the moment I will not think about the stress, anxiety and ptsd moments that will involve me getting it fixed and I will just look at my birds and my snail that were the positives of the day. Have to end it on a good note if at all possible and it is possible right now. So here are the birds and the snail:

14 thoughts on “Since I failed at convincing myself…here are some photos

    1. Thank you! They really brighten my day when sometimes it would otherwise be dark. I appreciate you saying that.
      I mean that yellow bird you could draw him! He looks like a drawing id never seen anything like him.

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    1. It was dead and charging with the car but since the car wouldnt start it wouldn’t charge. Someone would have driven by and I would have called my husband if it hadn’t started

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      1. Eventually it did start but I barely made it home and thankfully was not far away. It’ll have to be towed. I just thought how great that the birds were there! I would have just felt defeated otherwise. I love finding something good amidst something bad

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    1. At least one still works!!! I just can’t drive it. But it has no air conditioning. Hopefully we can have a few tolerable days with the florida heat coming

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