Adventures with the husband

My husband gets all the credit for finding this limpkin bird and her 4 babies. They were so fluffy I just wanted to scoop them up and kiss them all!!! We were on a boardwalk and they were near it in the water. 2 napped for awhile on a little nest like area and the others were looking for food and the mother was feeding them snails. One woke up from his nap and went over for a snail. It was just amazing to watch the mother. She kept an eye on them the entire time. She would walk over and stand right over them. It was beautiful. There were many other birds around them too like these below. I wondered are they watching out for the babies? I mean there are alligators all around the outskirts of this area but none near them THANKFULLY! Just watching nature lately and these mothers. Even the alligator mothers watching over their babies. It is endearing.

My husband ALSO gets credit for spotting these baby alligators! The man has an EYE!!!! The mother alligator was near them watching out for them too. Watching nature…amazing…

Now THIS alligator was on the entire other side of the wetlands area far away from all these little guys. Thankfully!!!!

I mean why….I know…nature…but seriously…I can’t even look at him for more than like 5 seconds and I was nowhere near him. My new camera lens is AWESOME!!!!!! He was way out on a bank.

Here is another area that had some beautiful birds…

This blue one was my favorite… and I love to look at their feet, and I love to watch them fly even though I cannot get a clear bird flying photo for the life of me…one day!

It was overcast so I was able to get out while on antibiotics (make me sensitive to the sun), and enjoy this beautiful place. Watching birds through this lens oh my gosh I have no words. To watch a mother feed a snail it is like binoculars but I get to actually take a picture of it.

I just looked and I took 700 pictures. These were the only ones that were clear out of the 700 because I have NO idea what I’m doing BUT hey, when I get a clear one I am soooooo excited I cannot even tell you how excited I am. To then look through what I saw in person and be able to then see them again is double the peaceful mind.

10 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband

  1. So precious! I’m envious of your access to these incredible creatures! And your pictures are just so beautiful. I especially like the last one of the bird spreading its wings. Everything about that photo is sheer perfection. What kind of camera and lens do you use?


    1. I forgot to mention him in the tags, he is an ibis. Thank you! Lately I have loved looking at what reflects in the water and if I can see them in the water too so that’s neat. I have a panasonic lumix. The lens is new and it is a zoom lens and I don’t know the dimensions? Don’t even know the word. It is heavy so he got me this monopod I can screw the camera into and then i rest it on my scooter and he will drive my scooter until I say STOP because I see something or he stops because he sees something. It’s a lot of fun because right now it isn’t blazing hot yet in Florida. We need to decide what we will do when it does get blazing hot though. No more deep woods for me after the tick bite so the eagle watching is out. Maybe the butterfly rainforest we have here that is part of UF

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      1. Thanks for the info. I’m so glad you have a supportive partner. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.


      2. Oh he is very supportive. This LIFE would be very difficult without him as it is very difficult as it is. I look forward to our time out and away doing things that focus on things other than me being ill.

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  2. Bethany, your photos are wonderful. I know you say it’s the lens, and of course good equipment helps, but you also have to have a good eye and a sense of what’s interesting. šŸ™‚


    1. The new lens just helps me because it has a stabilizer so my tremors don’t make it as blurry. But thank you. I do love to see things at different angles. I learned this weekend that it may NOT be the lens. The lens does help but there were guys out there with $5000 lenses and $5000 cameras. Mine is let’s say a fraction of that. But the lens is cool because like with the alligator I am nowhere near him and it gets things way out in the pond that i’d have no way of reaching. The pictures i post i like the way they make me feel though. Like today i took a picture of a flower in the rain and the lens fogged up so it looks frozen and I LOVED it although it’s in most eyes probably a terrible photo but it made me FEEL a certain way so I liked it

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