To clear your mind…3

My husband was kind enough to drive me around on this rainy day to see what we could find. The duck on the fence was a first for me! The little calf just walked right over. He was so precious. The black and white cow just needed to documented that he even exists! The last 2 sandhill cranes hanging around with a horse actually.

Before he got home I played around with the flowers and the rain and tried to make some abstract things to keep my mind clear. I hope these photos gave you a moment of peace in your day

27 thoughts on “To clear your mind…3

    1. Well thank you Scottie!!! I appreciate that!! I love that there are sweet people in the world that are looking at them and liking them. Makes it seem even more special.

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    1. What?!!! Really?? Well that is an absolutely awesome compliment!!! Wow, thank you.
      This makes me feel a little better as I was beating myself up a little bit earlier on WHY is it so hard to get a clear shot of what I am seeing with my eyes! Well because I have no idea what I am doing but my husband keeps reminding me that my purpose is to and keeps being to be in the moment. So if I get a picture that isn’t blurry later when I look through I am really excited!

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  1. I love taking photographs but only have my phone, I always experience great frustration that the beauty I see before never quite finds its way to the picture I take… possibly I need to invest in a proper camera
    Blessings to you xxx


    1. I used my ipad for a year and mostly took sunset pictures but anything that really caught my eye. My husband bought me a camera for christmas and it really has opened a whole new world for me in being able to capture the beauty more in what I see. It helps me really to stay in the moment. I think a camera would be very exciting for you. But even with your phone it shows that you are out, trying, experiencing, finding, and that matters

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      1. I am excited for you. My husband bought me a panasonic lumix. He really wanted me to have something lighter so that it didn’t hurt my arms. He then bought me a little stand for it so I didn’t hurt my arms with the weight of the new lens he got me. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It keeps my mind off of my health and anxiety and PTSD if even for a few minutes or hours a day and that makes it worth it

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      2. I’ve become a bit of a recluse over the years since my surgeries, mainly due to pain and being unable to move about, but more now due to the emotional struggles i’m contending with… My only joy are short solitary walks in all weathers, so I think a new camera will make that experience more cathartic xxx


      3. That is MY joy too. My little walks I go on.
        I’m just so sorry you are living with pain. And the emotions struggles. Having both is…words can’t describe. But just the fact that you get out and go or a walk is something to be really proud of

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  2. Haha I’ve never seen a duck on a fence before either. And it didn’t even occur to me looking at the photo until I read it. Lol

    The calf is gorgeous. That brown color really comes through.


    1. Seriously like what in THE hell was he doing up there!!!
      What’s so cool about the calf is he is the baby of the injured mom. Remember a few weeks ago there was an injured cow? Well she is ok now. Still has a limp but she is ok so she got medical attention and it made me SO happy to see her still with her baby you just can’t imagine and when the baby ran up it was like saying hey thanks for caring

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      1. Aw, that’s so adorable. I actually thought about the injured mama cow and calf and wondered how she was when I saw these photos. Thanks for letting me know, ’cause yeah, I remembered. I’m really glad she got medical attention and is better.

        Maybe it’s the duck’s turn to be the look out for gators. Lol.


      2. The duck was actually in a non-alligator area!
        It’s so funny today we went out and found all these little babies with their mama out in the water and I was taking their pictures. Anyway we get in the car and my husband says he is glad a gator didn’t come up and I said um I already had plans if one did and he didn’t like that so much! My plan didn’t go over well. No alligator came though thankfully. I will post pictures of her in a minute. Watching these animals really does amaze me how protective they are over their young. Standing over them, watching them like hawks

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      3. Ok so you know I have to ask what your plan was. Care to elaborate? 😀

        Glad no alligator came up. Can’t wait to see the photos. I’m always amazed by how small the baby alligators are.


      4. In my scooter I carry a bottle of alcohol wipes. I also had a hat on to protect my face from the sun. I was torn between throwing either. I got in trouble for even contemplating but hello does my husband not know how spontaneously protective I can be!!!!


      5. Obviously none of my plans would have worked. Thankfully they were nowhere near where the gators are. There is a boardwalk that goes through the center and lots of lily pads and marshy type plants there and that is where she had the babies. All around the outside are the packed gravel walkways that have the gators in the water. But I mean they CAN walk anywhere they want so anything is a possiblity.
        These birds eat snails and earlier in the year I took pictures of the pink snail eggs and some guy told me they were invasive but I looked it up and it said just the opposite that the birds live off of these snails. My daughter felt sorry for the snail. But she also felt sorry for the fish the bird ate. I have to keep those pictures from her!


      6. It can be difficult to accept how nature works. I have a difficult time watching videos of big cats hunt and take down prey. Who’d a thunk that with a name like Sleeping Tiger. Lol. It really shows how far we’ve gotten from the natural world though in general.

        When I read your last comment, I was confused. I was wondering who is it you would’ve been protecting by throwing those things. I thought, “Your husband?” The first comment I thought the plan you were eluding to had something to do with how to get away for yourself. But now I think I understand that you would’ve been protecting the baby gators. Is that right?

        And Haha, now I understand why you “got in trouble for even thinking it.” Lol…


      7. Ok so I meant that we were worried that a gator would kill the baby birds today. But then I told my husband I would have had a plan to protect the baby birds. And he didn’t like that. I wasn’t planning on protecting the baby alligators. I wanted to protect the baby birds from the alligators coming for them. I would have thrown things at the alligator and that didn’t go over so well…that thought. Should have kept that to myself!!!!
        It is hard to watch nature and this is the way nature is. I got mad at the crows for destroying an owl nest but that is what they do. I just want to protect the babies. I have a strong protective part of me for the innocent. Hope that made sense

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      8. Ohhh! I get it now. Sorry. I missed the part about the baby birds. That makes complete sense and is of course understandable. I wasn’t judging. I just find it sad sometimes that we are so far away from nature.

        Anyway, I understand now. Thanks for clarifying.

        I didn’t know crows tear up owl nests. Now I have to go look up why they do that.


      9. Oh you are so right. I was going to explain more when i posted the baby birds. I made no sense at all. Brain all scrambled tonight. Lots of thoughts… but yes, nature works itself out. It would have been bad for me to interfere. Plus i would have been then banned from the place!
        Crows eat the eggs and they will tear up hawk nests too. I’ve been waiting to take pictures of the owl in her nest and my neighbor just told me a group of owls ripped that nest right down. Maybe their was an egg in it not sure


      10. You mean a group of crows ripped the nest down?

        Either way that’s sad and disappointing. So will the owl go elsewhere now or will she likely build another nest near where that one was?

        If she leaves she’ll be missed for sure.


      11. Yes. A group of 20 or so crows attacked the nest and destroyed it. She will make another one or I have read will try to find an unused one. I hear her and her mate behind our house so I know they are around. A group of crows killed a hawk a few weeks back too my neighbor and I were just talking about this and how it seems out of control how the crows are attacking but we researched it and it looks like that is just what they do


      12. Oh no! Killed a hawk. I had no idea crows were so mean. I kinda liked them in small numbers. They clean up the road kill around here.

        A couple months ago I took a ride down a road I hadn’t been down before, just right here near our apartment and in the middle of the road was a dead hawk and a few feet away a dead squirrel. The only thing I could think was that a car hit the hawk while it was carrying the squirrel, maybe just got it with the windshield or something as it was flying off.

        BUT if that’s what happened, it’s pretty messed up because that road is a small, residential road and no one should be driving fast enough not to be able to stop in time. But then I know how fast stuff can happen. I wasn’t there so I can’t know. I thought it strange though. I’d never seen a dead hawk before that.


      13. That does make sense that the hawk was getting the squirrel and they both got hit. How tragic though! It takes a little bit for hawks to take flight too so if a car was driving fast it very well could have been hit. That is sad.

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