A fox moved in next door

Tomorrow is my birthday.

My husband bought me a flower garden to plant. He was going to plant it tomorrow but planted it today instead since tomorrow it is 80% chance or rain. He wanted me to wake up and be able to look out and see the flowers anyway!

Plus he knew it’s been a hard few days.

I was bitten by a tick. I already have Lyme disease. A battle I’ve been fighting for 4 years now. This’s tick came with his own set of disease. Rocky mountain spotted fever. I’ve been really hurting the last few days. I tried to suck it up to enjoy our anniversary and our outings but the pain has gotten worse. After I found the tick and pulled him out my joints started to hurt, I got a rash, and just all over felt awful. This is the norm with a muscle disease and Lyme disease I am used to pain but this is worse. The ache in my hip where the tick was is unbearable. So,, after 4 years of treatment I am back on MORE treatment.

Thankfully my husband knew it’s just been a struggle of a few days and planted my garden. While he was planting I had a wonderful gift of a fox who I discovered moved in next door to the rock pile with her babies! I only got a quick glimpse but I hope to get some better pictures in the next few days. I can’t wait! Something to look forward to. I think we always need something to look forward to. Photos of a fox and her babies would definitely be a positive for me!!! Side note, she is not where I got the tick. She just moved in. It was from being in the woods. If I had a normal immune system it would hopefully not be this bad but mine is in the tank so… onward and upward. Here is this cute little fox. Ok another side note. We have gray foxes and we have red foxes. This fox has decided I think she wants to be a mix of both!!! I’ve had foxes in those rocks every year since we moved here and photographed them and never had one that’s front end was red and back end gray!!! I caught a glimpse of her babies too!

AND this is what rocky mountain spotted fever looks like. What it feels like is the flu and a thousand bugs biting me and my joints and muscles aching and my eyes swollen and hurting, swollen splotchy hands and body, red streaks and splotches all over my face and neck, but there are ofcourse photos. Education is always good!!!!

29 thoughts on “A fox moved in next door

  1. Oh no that looks so painful…as if you didn’t have enough to deal with. Did the foxes drop you some ticks as a moving in present? They are very beautiful and nature close up does fill you with an amazing feeling. I love it if I see a fox or badger trotting through the village and disappearing into the woods. Damn I get excited if I see frogs in our pond.


    1. It was because I was out in the woods with the eagle nest. I am so used to doing that in the winter months i forget in the spring come all the ticks and I should not have done that.
      The fox doesn’t bring ticks. She brings mange!!! But we have no dogs so we are good.
      One year all the dogs in the neighborhood got mange including ours from the fox. But we don’t have dogs now so…I look forward to taking more pictures of her


      1. I am glad you didn’t get ticks from foxy. The hedgehogs in this country carry fleas and ticks but they are so cute I don’t mind them.


      2. I’m guessing every wild animal has ticks and fleas. I mean one year all the dogs including ours got mange from one of the foxes. But our dogs never had one tick on them and we walked them daily around the neighborhood. I think I got it from out on the prairie where I was looking at the eagles. I mean, anyone could have gotten a tick that day.i just happen to be the one who got the infected one!


  2. BTW I hope you get to have a nice birthday or at least as good as it can be considering how rough you must be feeling. Hugs x


  3. Ahhh no… So sad for you to get something so awful on top of your existing problems. I wish you as speedy a recovery as is possible.
    Beautiful pictures of the fox
    And a very happy birthday for tomorrow xxx


    1. Thank you for the birthday wish. The sun is shining and it was supposed to rain all day so i hope to get some photos of the fox!
      I do hope the antibiotics work fast.

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      1. You are more than welcome xxx
        Absolute torrential rain here, but there’s something soothing to the sound that I truly love… and it’s great for the garden of course hahaha
        Here’s hoping my seedlings don’t get washed away

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      2. I love that he planted them last night so I could wake to them this morning. It is supposed to rain all afternoon and night but it is sunny now so I have some time to get some pictures.

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  4. Sorry to hear about the Lyme, it sounds and looks really, really painful :-(.
    I googled ‘fox crossbreed’ – works out that not only foxes but also dogs and foxes do all sorts of cosy things together. 🙂
    Sending hugs,
    xx, Feeling


    1. How interesting!!! She. Is definitely a mix. There is also a coyote out here. She used to play with one of my dogs or rather he;d run around with her and then our other dog would run her off. The foxes always jumped the fence to our back yard

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    1. He is!!!!
      I’m pretty bummed over the tick but fortunately caught it before i was really bad off and got the meds in me right away.


  5. Oh man, the tick bite and RMSF is horrible on top of everything else. I saw in an above comment that you got the anti-biotic in quickly so I hope that worked and that you are feeling better by now.

    Happy belated birthday too, despite all that has been going on.

    The fox of course is adorable.


    1. Thank you!
      My symptoms seem worse. But that is normal. I hoped the antibiotic would make me dramatically better today but that was just unrealistic given all the underlying stuff. It’s made my anxiety through the roof. Just the pain at the tick bite area going into that joint is awful. I tried to make the best of the day. Good things happened just frustrating that I have to have one more thing.

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      1. I know you know how that goes. It’s like come on just one day with a little peace nothing else added and maybe some things taken away off the plate!

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