19 thoughts on “Anniversary outing 5

    1. Thank you! It was the most mindful I have ever been today with this new lens I was just so connected to everything in nature. It was a beautiful day.

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    1. I think what amazed me about this was that her babies were all around her. They have been there for weeks now. She hasn’t left them. And she is a reptile. It just blows my mind here she is letting her baby ride around on her back. I mean how many animals in nature will i run across that will carry their children, fight for them, and such a stark contrast from human parents!

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      1. Ugh I know. Animal mamas are the best. It’s such a strong instinct. I thought it was adorable how this baby is on its mama’s back. Really cute. And yeah, the reptile thing. You’d think they wouldn’t care but maybe it’s just that they want their DNA to carry on and for that to happen the babies have to be protected.

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