My yard today

There is a small patch of purple wildflowers in the corner of the yard. My roses have started blooming. One tiny yellow wildflower was just right in the middle of the yard.

As we were going for a walk I looked up to this tree in my front yard. I LOVE it! It made it’s own brace for the VERY long branch. When we first bought this place 14 or so years ago the builder told us to cut this tree down because it was leaning over. We didn’t. The fact that this tree could brace itself was too beautiful to cut down!!!

During our walk I did see this tree that I have never seen before. Why? Because after 14 years of walking around the same neighborhood I STILL find something new. It looked like it should be a patch of wildflowers on the ground but it was on a tree!

Isn’t that cool!

I hope you found some beauty in your day. I didn’t have to look far to find these things. I am grateful that even in my current depression I can STILL find beauty.

15 thoughts on “My yard today

    1. I’m glad, so glad that it warms your heart.
      I was just talking to my husband yesterday about my blog and why I decided to add my pictures that I take.
      I had a goal for my blog when I first started it but that goal seemed too narrow. It didn’t include all of me and just parts of me. I started sharing my pictures because it shows the other parts of my life, part of how I cope and try to find joy EVEN while dealing with and processing with the abuse.
      So I’m really happy you like it. I have wondered if people think, gosh why is her blog about abuse but she posts photos. In a way the photos are about the abuse though because they are my way to overcome

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      1. I don’t think you should worry about the
        content of your blog whether it is about sexual abuse or the pictures you have taken, the important thing is that it is providing some beautiful things for you and to those who drop by at your site πŸ™‚


      2. Thank you. I really appreciate that. I am really happy others find ANY part of my blog to be something they come back to or even just in that moment find it useful

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    1. Oh I love the unmanicured everything :). Our yard has not been mowed in months so that I could take pictures of the wildflowers popping up


      1. That reminds me, I hope this isn’t offensive to anyone, but sometimes I see people mow the entirety of huge lawns. I think to myself: this yard would still be pretty if they saved gas & time to leave a big patch of tall grass in the center to be blown by the wind & provide a safe spot for bunnies, field mice, or whatever. I think it’s great you all haven’t mowed : )

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      2. Well then you will understand this: next to us is an acre of common area in the neighborhood. There are huge rocks piled up and a few trees and there were 20 feet tall bushes that lined the road. The foxes used it for their den for the last 14 years we have lived there. One morning I woke up and it had all been mowed, the bushes were cut down, and I cried. This is the first year no foxes used the rocks as their den.
        Our back yard we mow about once a year, mostly so I don’t trip if I walk back there on the vines. The front yard there is a small strip of grass that the dogs loved to roll around in and we like to picnic on and lay under the trees on. I watch people mow for hours and fertilize and pesticide and think well now you won’t have dandelions! And what fun would that be! We’ve never had bunnies but we have had gopher tortoises, raccoons, armadillo, foxes, tons of squirrels and birds, owls and hawks, all living in our little acre of the world


      3. Totally understand. That’s sad. I was sad when an old-styled Pizza Hut was torn down near me. I like the old style, but more importantly was this wickedly beautiful little tree next to it they murdered when they tore it all down to build the new boring box-style building. Sheesh, bunnies I see now & then. Squirrels knock on the window & climb the door trim. Birds tweet 4 food, but I don’t have those other beauties. You’re good people


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