How many pictures does it take?

I took over 30 pictures of this little bird in only a few minutes. Out of the 30, 27 looked like this

Ugh! I mean come ON! He was so beautiful!!! But he was a blur. It was only by random chance that a few were clear. Kind of sort of clear!

So then I tried for this butterfly and I got this

A black blob in a bottle brush plant. But my husband held up my arms and I finally got a decent one.

Along the way I was blessed with this gorgeous feather. I wonder what bird dropped it.

Right next to it on the side of the road was this cactus

Photography is SOOOO hard! It does not come naturally to me. But it is enjoyable to me because it keeps me in the moment of whatever I am looking at and out of whatever is in my head.

37 thoughts on “How many pictures does it take?

  1. The few clear pictures you got are great. Ark also posts a lot of photos of birds and other creatures around his “Ark’s Spot”. He admits he shoots a lot of digital pictures for the few he posts. It is hard work, he describes the positions he must get in to get the shot and how long he had to stay in that form and place. I couldn’t do it. But your bird came out great. Hugs

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  2. I went to Kenya for two weeks, I took 4000 photos. When I got home to process them, I discovered, that I wish I had taken more. Each moment is precious and can’t be relived. Some picture ares blurry, some of them are grainy, some over exposed… few are awesome. snap away. You will be happy you did.


    1. Wow. Kenya. I’ve seen some of your photos and they are just breathtaking.
      I’ve realized the more I take the better. Out of 30 if one is half ok then that has to be ok. With birds though they don’t sit for very long. I wish I could take 500 like I did of one butterfly and sure enough I got just the shot I wanted. Thanks for the encouragement!


      1. I don’t even know what contiguous is. Will that keep it in focus? Do you just hold the button down and let it keep taking shots or is there a different adjustment for doing that?


      2. Hmm it’s in setting but depends what brand camera, you have, check your manual or YouTube, instruct for you camera.
        Once it’s focused it will take multiple continuous shots, rated for your cameras frames per second. FPS.


      3. I found it. I meant continuous. Sorry it spelled who knows what word. I found the setting yesterday but it was called “action” my camera is a panasonic lumix. I will keep working on it. Thank you


      4. take a photo with ht. then go to your replay or look at the photo and look at the info It should give the shutter speed e.g 1/800 the aperture as F 3.2, and ISO 100.
        Have a look then compare the numbers and see if it is self adjusting.


    1. At first I thought she was an indigo bunting which is a migratory bird in florida but I think it is passed when she should be here so maybe she is a bluebird she was gorgeous !!!


  3. Regarding the bird, yes, getting a camera to auto-focus on a smaller object in the foreground can be tricky. Most cameras have an indicator of where in the frame it’s focusing. You can press the shutter half way and see what it’s focusing on; and if it’s not on the bird, let go and try again. Or see if you can change your focusing mode to a select point, instead of the camera trying to focus on several points at once. As for blurry, use a faster shutter speed. Photographing birds is tricky because they move so much. Shutter speeds of 1/800 to 1/2500 work best. Thank goodness for digital photography! Back n the day, my Dad used to tell me, if he got one really good picture on a roll of 36, he was happy.

    If steadying the camera is an issue (tired muscles) you could use a mono-pod. I use that or a tripod when I’m taking a lot of photos.

    Photography is a wonderful hobby! Enjoying your pics.


    1. thank you so much for the advice. I will change the shutter speed. I don’t know how but I will look it up. I have touched the screen on where i want it to focus. But sometimes it still doesnt. I also may just be too far away so I am getting another zoom lens. Steadying the camera is an issue with my tremor but i’m on the move on a walk in my scooter most of the time. I think changing the shutter speed will really help me. It IS tricky with birds and that is what I enjoy most. I have pressed it half way down and it will move around to the leaf, tree, house, and I will keep telling the camera NO not that I want the bird! But the camera does not always listen!!!

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  4. Your photography has improved a lot since I started following you. As a photographer myself, doing shoots for clients, I can tell you that every photographer has tons of photo’s from every shoot (or outing) that are unusable. Hope this helps. 😉

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  5. It is hard to capture clear images especially of you are using a zoom. I have a steady hand button on mine also a sports setting. It helps a bit


    1. I tried out my sports action setting yesterday but it was still blurry. The problem is obviously with my and my unsteady hand. But I am working on that and the shutter speed. Thank you!

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      1. Thank you! I love some of them but some of them I just wish were better. I don’t want to focus so much on the photos that I miss the purpose I am doing it for which is mindfulness and living in that moment with that beauty and appreciating it. It is a balance !


      2. I started a journal and I set one of my goals as take one picture a day of something anything that I find nice to look at a write what I like about it and I can look back on it and see where my head was at that particular day


      3. It has been so helpful in my memory issues after the seizures in the last 6 months that I have taken and posted these pictures. I read back my blogs and look at the pictures and see if it can trigger thoughts of that moment.
        I love that you set those goals. Sounds wonderful

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