20 thoughts on “See I’m not THAT close to the gator

  1. Yeah okay, you still look too close for me. Yikes. Is it a full grown one? It looks like maybe not. But I don’t know gators much at all. Looks like it’s just sunning itself. Perhaps not hungry at the moment. Lol.

    I like that your husband got the wide angle with the water and all. Is that a river, lake, marsh, creek…? I’m guessing no humans swim in there.

    Oh and cool cap.


    1. He was sunning for sure. And i’d just jump behind my scooter or my husband would take care of business.
      Thanks on the cap! I love it. He got me a shirt like it that is thin but keeps me from getting sunburned.
      It is the wetlands reserve park and so no one can go off the path way. Although I think it is too dangerous and kids shoudln’t be there. It would be so easy to slip and fall and then what!!!
      I used to waterski with gators that size in the lake and thought nothing of it. Now I wouldn’t. But when you grow up on a lake and know they are there…especially if you go out skiing at night and see their eyes. Ugh. But yeah they just don’t bother me. I woudln’t be stupid and go right up to one but I posted it because the picture I took literally looks like I am laying right in front of him and I’m not.

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    1. I was a professional waterskier yes. I skied my entire life. Skied all over the united states and in canada and skied at seaworld and we did some shows at cypress gardens when we were competing. So yes, I was pretty darn good. I miss it terribly. I loved being on the water, in the water. Throughout my blog I have pictures of my waterskiing days. I will have to give you a link


    1. Looks like they mow the grass on the sides so there is visibility or either the horses eat it because there are wild horses there too but weve never seen any but there is horse poop everywhere in the grass

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