23 thoughts on “Florida flowers in adventures with the husband…little bit of yellow/orange

  1. Daffy’s were always the first flower to come up in our yard. Then the tulips. Daffy’s around here are always the first sign of spring.

    Daisies are my favorite. Is the white one a daisy? The one after looks like a gerbera daisy and I think the colors of those are so pretty, but for some reason I really like regular white ones.

    That second flower is beautiful. I love the color orange. I like how you did these posts by color.


    1. Thank you! I had a gazillion as usual! Every time I tried to upload them all it crashed so I did it piece by piece this time and it worked. We went to what was supposed to be a festival of flowers and it was 150 vendors and over half were just selling STUFF. The other were flowers. Some I couldn’t get to in my scooter. So then we went on the paved sidewalk through the gardens where I have been many times before but never in the spring. On the way home in the parking lot I see the bird in the tree. I thought I counted 6. It was really cute because I was talking to them and I didn’t see a woman with her window rolled down listening to me. But apparently she talks to birds too!
      Then we came home and I found more flowers in yards just popping up around the neighborhood. We went for a long walk and spent most of our time entertained by a lady bug!
      It was just too beautiful to be inside. The sun was warm but the breeze was cool.
      There were soooo many people at the festival thing though and I realized more and more that I like flowers and sunsets a lot more than lots of people and lots of noise.
      So otherwise, as I ramble to you on my comment here, we had this grill outside and it rusted because everything does with the rain in florida. So it fell over and my husband was going to drag it to the road but a wren built a nest in it. It is in the perfect spot for me to take her pictures with out bothering her. So I’m happy about that.
      Half the flowers today I had no idea what they were. Some I took pictures of were foxglove and the guys said they were poisonous and they were right next to the same looking flower that was not poisonous which I thought was odd and right on the ground where all the kids were walking by.
      I love the color orange too. Orange flowers, orange clouds. The only orange I don’t like is orange lipstick. I look awful in it.
      The white flower was a daisy and the one after i think was one too. I thought it was funny when I came home and looked through all my pictures that there weren’t any people in them and there were literally hundreds and hundreds of people at this thing. So I’m glad I angled it right.


      1. I lol’d about the woman who heard you talking to the birds. Something like that is embarrassing til they tell you they do it too. Maybe she was getting away from the crowd?

        I definitely relate to liking all those nature kind of things much better than crowds of people. I had a span of years where I didn’t mind crowds too much as long as I was with people I felt comfortable with. And I have my moments when I can stand small crowds. B and i went out the other night to a bar. It wasn’t crowded but it was loud. I am surprised that I was able to stand it.

        It had been a bad stress day though so that probably had something to do with it. It was a day that the speaker boy bullshit was pissing me off so bad, I needed to get out. Not the healthiest way to cope but oh well.

        So yeah all that being said, I prefer to sit by a creek by the trees all by myself, away from people and traffic.

        Orange lipstick would not be my style either. But then I don’t wear lipstick.

        That’s pretty amazing that you didn’t get any people in your photos with so many there. Yay. Lol.


      2. She said that a hawk comes there and she photographs him right where I was photographing all the little birds and she said she’d talk to him and he’d fluff up and give her the eye all annoyed she was there. It was funny because she had startled me when she said something. I was so in the moment of looking for them I had no idea she was there. When they all flew away I could not believe how many there were. They were so camouflaged in the tree.
        That’s pretty neat you tolerated going into a bar. I think i’d do better if it were darker than the bright light and all the people and smells.
        I’m glad you got out. Sometimes getting away from it gives your brain a break. I do it every day.
        So on the lipstick. My daughter LOVES lipstick and so whatever she gets tired of goes in my bathroom drawer and when I am bored I put it on. Yesterday I wore more make up than I ever have when we went out because I was just playing with it like a kid.
        I’m just happy that yesterday I did not see my mother. She goes every year. It is a bit to do!


      3. Oh wow! Now that you mention that, I wonder if *my* mother was there. Sorry, it came to mind right after picturing *you* running into *your* mother. I can feel and imagine the awkwardness I’d feel running into mine. How do you think you’d feel and respond? (I don’t know but I think I’d freeze just running into mine.)

        Make up is fun. I used to wear it. I don’t anymore. I started when I was around 13. Ended up going to school for make up and skin care and then didn’t do as much with it as I could’ve.

        I’ve seen photos of you with make up and I always think it looks good. I think lipstick is great on other people. I like the way it looks (as long as the color is right for someone). I just don’t like how it feels.

        So cool that she can drop the makeup into your bathroom when your daughter gets sick of it. Brings back memories there too. lol. But it was the opposite for me. My mom would keep make up in a drawer in the bathroom and although I had my own make up I’d see what she had from time to time and experiment with new things she had. Once she had this blush that was like a glue stick that you’d roll up to use and then just kind of roll it onto your face. I liked the way it looked but not the way it felt so I only used it once.

        About being startled by the woman in the parking lot. You mentioned it was funny because you were in the moment. I know what you mean. But I’m wondering, do you get upset after you get startled. I used to laugh when I’d be startled by someone, even if they did it on purpose. But now I get so pissed off if someone does it even by accident.

        Except when I cause it. Then I’m embarrassed because my reaction is so intense. Like one day I was in the grocery store, looking at something on the shelf, trying to decide “which one.” I backed up to get a better view and as I did a man had been walking by behind me. Before I backed up there was plenty of room for him to walk by. But my timing was such so that I bumped into him.

        He said, “Woop, excuse me.” Really nice about it. But the incident startled me big. I didn’t get mad at him. But my reaction was, well…being startled and it was obvious. I was embarrassed. I hate reacting so intensely even to such a common thing. I might not have helped that some lady’s cart was right where I was looking and I had to nudge it out of the way even though she was standing right there.

        Now I’m rambling. Lol.

        Whenever we exchange comments (at least a lot of the time) my memory is triggered and really I what would be nice to do and good for me is to make it a blog post. So much to say and so little time to say it.


      4. I do get upset when I am startled. That was my first response. I actually yelled out because she startled me but then we talked and I calmed down and I went back to taking pictures. I HATE being startled.
        I react intensely. It’s what the fuck up of PTSD is.
        It’s funny what you said about your comment being like a blog post because sometimes I feel more comfortable talking in the comment section than actually writing a blog about it and I try but it just can’t come out right but when I connect with someone like you then it flows out easier.
        I planned on what I would do if I saw my mom. I planned all scenarios because I was almost positive I would
        Last time I saw her she and the entire family actually ran away from me. Like hastily walking almost to a run to get away from me at my great-uncle’s funeral so I ‘m guessing if I did run into her there would be no communication.


      5. Yeah, I’d put the startle response up there as one of the top 3 to 5 worst things about C-PTSD.

        I know what you mean about the connection and flow. That is exactly what happens with me. And there are things I write in the comment section to you that I feel more comfortable with them being buried there too. Lol.

        That’s a smart idea to plan. I really want to be more mindful and thoughtful of stuff like that. Plan for things like this. I’m so used to just flying by the seat of my pants…but then I see how well that’s working for me. Real mature of your family to run. Ugh. That’s ridiculous.

        I don’t think my mother would run if she saw me. I wonder if she’d approach if she saw me but I didn’t see her though. Idk at this point. I would not put it past her to pretend she didn’t see me too. Just from thinking about how I know she can be at times. Kind of like, two can play at that game sort of thing. She’s a bit unpredictable there so who knows.


      6. They were on the front row of the funeral. I came in last and was at the back row in my scooter. They turned to see me after the funeral and dashed out the door. Didn’t even stay to greet family or reception or anything. I was pretty shocked. After that I made plans for any time I may even see them, if they would address me, what I’d say or do and not say. I have reviewed it so many times that i hope it comes naturally.


      7. Wow! Did you stay after they left? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to talk anymore about it.) I would’ve been shocked at that too. Like kids running away. Sorry they did that.


      8. I stayed and visited all of the relatives and gave my condolences. Only one person that was there still speaks to me. The others don’t either.
        They sucked. Cowards.


      9. It sucked. It’s weird I even remember it. I don’t remember much over the last few years but that little bit I do. Not the funeral. Not any of the conversations. Just them seeing me and headed out the door and how perplexing it was and how I felt it made them look which was cowardice for sure

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      10. Cowardice and quite childish and immature was my thought first reading it. I would be a sweaty mess if I ran into my family members. I would actually be grateful if they ducked out and away. It would hurt but if there’s no apologies and acknowledgements it would much better for my central nervous system.

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    2. I told my husband on our walk as we were listening to ALL of the birds, and I mean blue jays, cardinals, wrens, hawks, so many birds we saw, woodpecker, that you had posted a snow video and how quiet it was!

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      1. Do you mean the last one(s) I posted? I posted two of the last storm. I have photos too. I have not felt like doing anything with photos lately. I hate how disgusted I’ve been feeling. But anyway, I was hoping you would check out the two videos I posted of the last snow storm. They’re quiet too of course.

        One is a bit over 3 minutes and the other one is a bit over a minute. The second one, you can faintly hear kids in the background. It’s pretty cool.


      2. I thought so too. I thought the kids in the background was a nice addition really. I don’t mind that sound as long as it not close screaming. lol. But also hearing them brings back good memories of playing in the snow.

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