12 thoughts on “Florida flowers in adventures with the husband…little bit of white/purple/pink

  1. Those white ones. I don’t know what they are but if they’re the same as the ones that look like the ones we have here, they have a strong but pretty scent. I always think it’s weird though because they are so unsuspecting. Big scent for a small flower.

    I like how you took the second photo. That’s a framer to me. I find the insides of flowers fascinating.


    1. I’ve never taken photos of the inside of the flower but lately I am fascinated by them and have been focusing on them. I known with a lot of pictures people get the full flower but lately I want it to focus on the center although it doesnt always and on the way home my husband asked again if I will ever read the manual on my camera. Probably not! But I should. Then I wouldn’t get so frustrated.
      There were lillies and also flowers that I had no idea what they were. They were all next to each other to be auctioned and people were all in chairs in front of a stage. I rode my scooter in front of them all to go and take pictures of the flowers which I laughed to myself about.

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      1. ” I rode my scooter in front of them all to go and take pictures of the flowers which I laughed to myself about.” Haha I love that. Seems like a place where etiquette would be in order. Lol… Love the rebellious-ness of this.

        The only part of the manual I wish you’d read is how to use the video camera. I’d love to see longer videos from that camera of all the animals you are in contact with.


      2. I just posted the videos. I’m looking through the 200 pictures now to try and narrow them now. But i think you’ll really like the walking heron and the flying one. I hope they work.

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