11 thoughts on “Florida flowers adventures with the husband… little bit of red

  1. My favorite is the ladybug! I think bugs are so cute. I am odd and I accept this! I go as far as to have an official ‘Bug rescue’ glass in my home, I appreciate them but I don’t want to share the house with them. I even give bugs a drink of tea or water on hot dry days. Somehow, I inspired one individual to stop murdering them. Her tranformation happened when compassion fell on her by a fearful little spider in the bathroom one day. Now she even pets lizards! People can change!


    1. I love this story! And I agree. We are to bug killers and go to great lengths saving the tree frogs that hop in. We have a Tupperware in each bathroom for the bathroom spiders. When the get unruly they get transferred outside/
      Aw and you converted a bug killer! That’s great


      1. “When they get unruly…” – Funny! I admit, I have had symbiotic relationships with certain arachnid individuals with the understanding that they mind their business of catching other bugs and do not descend from that corner onto me. I’ve found myself conversing with bees and biters as I climb furniture and performing balancing acts…like “Come here you little bastard I’m trying to save your life!” and “Do not sting me for this!”


      2. Ahahahahahaha. I have said the same exact thing. I”M TRYING TO SAVE YOU YOU LITTLE BASTARD SO STOP MAKING THIS SO HARD!!!
        And sometimes WELL JUST DIE THEN> I TRIED! If it’s a moth that just keeps flying away out of reach. We have our “behind the mirror” spider and we have an arrangement that he stays there unless eating food but if he gets all unruly when we brush our teeth then the Tupperware he goes! Out the door. Sometimes I will look out and realize I have papertowel rolls and tissue and tupperware and a bowl all outside the door because I’ve tossed something out in the middle of the night over and over again.


      3. That’s awesome!!! I love that I am not alone in this! For me, when I step out, I will see the bug cup, the back-up bug cup, the lid to the bug cup #1 which is a thick postcard-sized advertisement, another random lid-type for cup #2, AND a paper towel segment, tissue or paper plate torn in half (as you know the calm, collected bugs will stroll right onto these)!!! I am so so glad you told me!


      4. This is just so so funny! I use used to try the lid but as any bug saver knows you cannot trap the bug and slide the lid under. It has to be a thick piece of cardboard or paper. AND that is what litters my yard currently!!!! Then i have to find more. He have wood laminate floors and in the bathroom tile so it isn’t hard to slide something under it i love that you have a back up!!!!! I don’t like to feel them crawling around though if the paper is too thin. The hardest is if they are on the wall!!!!
        We’re cool~ we save things!!


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