Sandhill crane and her baby

I went back to the prairie to visit a friend and I brought my zoom lens so that I could see the sandhill crane and she had a BABY and she stood over the baby and chattered with me. Then I passed the baby cow who cocked his head at me like hmmm she’s back again.

I visited an old friend.

My first friend on the prairie.

My first person who really ever GOT me as a person.

Seeing her again after 11 years fills my heart with love.

These pictures show a little of what that feels like.

Being hugged and feeling like for that moment you matter is something that cannot be defined. It is soul mending, heart connecting, and powerful.

Some moments are just…indescribable. When you are led by a greater power to a person that you once loved after your paths separated and then met back again. It made me feel…not alone. Something that is rare for me.

11 thoughts on “Sandhill crane and her baby

  1. 1,000 likes for that sweet baby crane!! Next time I see a crane at our local wetlands, I will be looking for babies! Great photo


    1. Oh I so hope you post a photo. Please let me know.
      These were supposed to have migrated back. They all left a few weeks ago. Then I saw these two and though ok this is not right but then the babies!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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