6 thoughts on “For Cee’s flower of the day

    1. I actually want to plant some this year. I would love some lavender ones. I had some once and they had the most wonderful smell. For my birthday this year I may ask for some roses planted. Every year all I ask for are flowers to be planted by my husband. Well he’s the only one to buy me gifts now and I don’t want something I’m guessing most want. I love flowers that come back every year and then I remember he planted them

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      1. I like the idea of getting flowers planted much more than a bunch of cut ones in a vase. Like you say, they come back each year when planted. The cut ones just end up in the trash. I mean, they’re OK sometimes, like for special occasions for the middle of a table or something. (Not something I’ve done though.) It’s kind of nice to pick them from the yard and bring them in though. I used to do that with the lilacs.


      2. One year for our 10th anniversary he got me a magnolia tree so I look at it on our anniversary every year and think of how thoughtful it was. Then he got my gardenias for my birthday one year. Just different things that come back every year and I look forward to them. He brings me flowers sometimes too that go on the table but he says only if they all out to be bought for me that day to cheer me up

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