15 thoughts on “Abstract photography

    1. It evoked a feeling in me just like this. I saw it and thought in its jumbled up way I could still find beauty and togetherness


  1. Is it a top of a wall? That’s what registers after staring for a bit although I can’t tell what all the pieces are along the top but I see a butterfly wing or two.

    At first glance, it looks like a pyramid of sorts and then I could see how the angle you took the photo from, could be an optical illusion. Love it. I really love photos like this.

    I’ve taken a few myself. They’re in a folder called “Miscellaneous and Artsy.”


    1. Are they in a folder on your blog? I will go look!
      It’s actually wind chimes that are in a triangle and there are dragonflies and butterflies and some are flat and some have edges sticking out. I walked under it as I left the garage. It’s hanging right by the over hang to the garage and the sun was hitting only one side and I thought well that would make a cool picture!

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      1. Lol well I was way off. It’s really cool though.
        No, they’re not on my blog. Sorry. 😦 I haven’t gotten that far yet.

        I’ve been a bit depressed and have not been doing much here in the last couple days.


      2. That’s why I like it too.
        When I was a kid we used to have a picture book that had these big photos in it but in front of each one was a white page with a small cut out square in the middle. So the game was that you had to try and guess what the photo was of on the next page, through the little square window. That is what I thought of as I was looking and trying to figure out what this is. Fun.


      3. I love them. I want you to post more! I like the one on the sidewalk too where he is contemplating and i imagine his tail was wagging back and forth as he was thinking which way to go

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      4. Lol, probably yeah. That was the side of the house walkway. In front of him (back of the house) was the neighbors who have a lot of plants and flowers planted in their yard. Along the side of their house is a cat nip plant so that was always one of his stops on his round. So funny. I’m sad for him now that he can’t go outside anymore.

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