Sweetwater branch wetlands adventure

My husband and I went to a wetlands park. Many people were on the boardwalk photographing SOMETHING so we went over to check it out. There was a Heron and a small something or other hen (can’t remember the exact name). A man told us to look around the Heron. There were TONS of baby alligators. The little hen was out there too. Then we were told the mama alligator was coming to protect her babies. The alligator came quickly and the heron stepped back. We had lots of commentary going on. I felt like I was watching a rated R movie and it was so suspenseful because I had no idea…would the heron eat a baby alligator? Would the mama alligator eat the heron? It was just too much action for me which is why we moved on to Angelica the bird who was so conveniently sitting right on the rail beyond all of the people and the water action. Here are the photos I took. I drew arrows on the picture to show where the baby alligators were. In the last two pictures you can see the mama alligator coming up on the birds at which point I took that last picture and hopped in my scooter and zipped off. Quite the adventure though right? And that was just the first five minutes!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Sweetwater branch wetlands adventure

    1. There were so many that I am guessing she did. The people that were all on the boardwalk said that she caught and ate a fish and she was there most likely to get the little gators but they didn’t see her get any because the mother came. Which I thought was odd because I didn’t know reptiles protected their young but I saw that they definitely do

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      1. I wasn’t sure about the heron eating an alligator but then I googled “would a heron eat a baby alligator” and I found a video showing one eating a baby alli.

        What always amazes me about alligators and crocs is that they are so tiny when they are born and get so humongous in comparison to their baby size.


      2. I didn’t even see them at first. They guy had to keep pointing. There were a LOT of them. Kind of made me wonder. So while we were there we saw her, all of her babies, then two young alligators sunning and then 2 massive 10 feet long alligators. So what does this park do when the alligators get out of control or too big? There were a lot of rangers out there monitoring the area and walking around I was guessing that was why even though there are signs everywhere

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