More photos at the sweetwater wetlands park

Remember! Zoom lens! Nowhere near the alligator who was about 10 feet long. I liked the one with his arms pinned back like he was doing some sort of yoga pose. I loved finding the turtles and that one dragonfly landed just perfectly. I was happy to find one flower although it was pretty far out in the water. It was a wonderful day.

20 thoughts on “More photos at the sweetwater wetlands park

    1. There is a boardwalk and then hard packed gravel trails and all around it water and all the water is filled with alligators!!! But the breeze is wonderful and the. Sound of all the birds is wonderful too

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    1. We weren’t close. We were on top of a hill and he was at the bottom sunning himself. I used to waterski with them so I guess I am used to them but know how to be cautious and not be too close. There are signs everywhere to stay on the paths. I loved the flower too. Thank you


  1. The second pic of the alligator looks like someone splashed paint on him.

    What kind of turtles are those? The shells on both of them are different than any turtle shell I’ve seen up to this point.

    3rd photo from the bottom, what is that? A flower?


    1. I know. I was like buddy you have an algae issue you need to take care of!
      We used to call the turtles snapping turtles growing up on the lake but I’m not sure. I’m looking through turtle pictures now to see what the different kinds are.

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      1. Snapping turtles are big though I think right? Well at least they GET big as far as I know.

        Are snapping turtles the the same as snappers…the kind that soup is made from. I had to make soup of a snapper meat once. It was really slimy and the least fun soup I ever made. Blech.


      2. Wellll I’ve been looking and I cannot tell at ALL what the heck these are. Apparently there are what’s called the florida snapping turtle and the cooter turtle and both look similar and the ones I took pictures of are so covered in algae I can’t tell but apparently they are “imperiled” whatever that means so no one can take them from the water and eat them anymore.
        Blahhhhh I cannot believe you had turtle soup.
        I went to this cookout once where they had turtle soup, and gator tail, and frog legs, and every other nasty ass thing you can imagine. I cannot recall if I ate any of it. I was really young. All I can remember is the guy saying “it all tastes like chicken”

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      3. LOL it all tastes like chicken. I’d bet that isn’t true and I”ve never eaten any of those things. Not even turtle soup. I made it. But I didn’t eat any of it.

        I was working for a restaurant in the kitchen and after lunch I needed something to do so the chef assigned me to make soups. One day after lunch when I asked the chef what soup today? He said joyfully, “Oh I think I have some turtle meat in the walk in.”

        I was like “Oh goody…heh heh. Please don’t let it be there. ” Lol It was though.


      4. Shoot so was all the stuff on that table. Maybe it is common but I guess it was over used and now they seem to be a protected species in this area.


      5. On the florida fish and wildlife page that is what it said. I guess that’s why they have a hunting “season” for certain things but maybe they forgot about the turtles. But who would have thought. I wouldn’t have!

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    2. It is a waterbird called a moorhen or marsh hen. They have a very loud call. The one with the red beak? I only took one flower and it is white. Kind of blurry bc it kept focusing on the lilies


      1. That sounded cool. The pic of the babies in the video make me go, “Awww.” They’re funny.

        Really cool looking bird. Is that one on its back at :36. Doing the backstroke. Lol. Big ass feet too.


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