Photography: birds

On the way home I stuck the lens out of the window to get this little bird on a wire. I got home to this bright red cardinal waiting. I think it is my first day in forever where I took no pictures of flowers! Makes me want to walk outside and take one in the dark!!!! I do think there were flowers in the art I photographed though. I spent such a long time looking at the eyes in the photos that I will have to go back now and look for flowers.

It was a very difficult health night last night for me so being able to be out and about with my husband today and then coming home to this beautiful bird was a huge blessing.

3 thoughts on “Photography: birds

    1. I’m just so incredibly sore from driving this week but I wanted to get out. I have been wanting to take pictures of all the paintings on all of the walls around town. I was really blown away by all of the talent. Got home to that red cardinal and it was just a nice break from the hectic of the week. Last night I Felt seizurish which I have not in a long time. Happily nothing happened. Just a long week that’s for sure so I was glad to get out and then come home and get good pictures all around


    2. What was so odd is there was no food in that feeder. There hasn’t been for years. I have no idea why he landed there. We used to put food in it but the squirrels eat it in a day even with all the guards we bought for it. But there is a bird bath and he always goes there for water. Just that moment he flew up to the birdfeeder. It made me kind of sad there was nothing for him but maybe he was just resting there for a second.

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