13 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband part 2: more art

  1. What a great trip out this must’ve been! These paintings are riveting. I love them all, I want to pick a fave but it’s hard. I really love the last one but damn, that artist really has Tom Petty’s likeness, down.

    I like how you take shots at different angles and then close ups on certain parts of the painting and then zoom out on all of it. Idk, it keeps me glued to the page.

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    1. I KNOW. Tom petty was the first one and I thought OK done can go home. My husband had gone out ahead of time and mapped out the trip where everything was and he said nope there is more!
      I’m so glad you loved them! And i took them from different angles which I rarely do but I wanted to see how they made me feel going past them and looking up at them. It was a really neat experience. Who would have thought… not me. The thought just popped into my head last night and he went out this morning and found them all for me

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      1. Aw you’re welcome. I get mesmerized by photos. And good photos of artwork really get me. I just really like to take in any photo, try to be in it as much as I can sort of. Feel what it’s like to have been there if it’s an old pic or what it might be like to be there now in say a more modern photo. Like your gate photos, I couldn’t stop scrolling to look at them.

        (They’re the ones in your mono-chrome post.)

        The one going to the stairs seemed ominous. The one with the cross on it (I think)…it looked so inviting on the other side, I wanted to go in.
        I could kind of feel what it’s like to go in there.

        I know I’m weird. I’ve never told anyone this and I’ve never been able to put it into words til now.


      2. Yes, i loved that gate. At first it was the abstract swirls on the wall and yet i couldn’t take pictures of those. I was drawn to the gate and the stairs and i have no idea why!
        I loved the gate with the winding sidewalk on the other side. I wanted to open it!
        I don’t think you are weird at all. If you are weird then so am i because our minds think absolutely identical

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      3. There were two gates. One was at the bottom of stairs andi kept looking at that. The other gate i think had a cross on it. There were about 15 of them. Each had a symbol on it but that one was the only one that led to another door and it seemed like if i went in it would be blisssful. And the other gates seemed like if i went in it wouldnt be. It was a huge church. There were homeless people all around. I contemplated asking if I could take this one man’s picture and even would have given him money. Something about his face said something deep. But then it felt invasive so i didnt. So many thoughts are always going through my mind when i see things

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      4. I had to google photographer of homeless to see what I came up with. I totally understand why you wouldn’t be comfortable asking someone who is homeless to take his picture. But I also understand the reasons you wanted to.

        It looks like a touchy topic. There’s a video at the top of the article I’m linking, that sums it up in less than 2 minutes. Makes good points.


      5. That was a great article. When I got home I told my daughter that what I wanted was to bring awareness of the “why” and I would want to talk to the person and ask if I could write their story and ask them how they think they could be helped or what should change for them.
        Then my daughter and I started talking about how I have no personal safety boudnaries and that it is not safe to walk up to a stranger, nomatter who it is, to ask them these things. So it is a touchy subject for sure. My intention was pure I just don’t know how I’d go about it. I’ve written my own story of living in my car and I just thought, how much does mental illness, physical illness, come into play here and everyone just assumes they are alcoholics. I try to keep an open mind to every single scenario so it just made me think. Thank you for this article and video. It was really good


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