+photograph of bright colorful flowers

His hate

Created darkness

Made each brightness

Turn black

Closed doors

On those I once adored

Took away the light

On each memory

Of you

So I lay here each night

Missing you

But knowing he’s right

I do wonder

What he creates

In his love for me

Has he instilled hate

For now, each part of you

Has been stained

With that darkness

Where it may not always



Your shadow remains

That darkness


Driven by

My pain

Steered by

His hate.

Stir the embers

Let them be fed

I will stare at them blankly

Knowing you are dead

In the empty space in my once

Enlightened head

Watching the red

Float into the sky

Knowing you are really alive

So does he keep me from you

I question again

I need someone to blame

So it’s him

And his hate

The fired died

The smell of smoke

Clung to my clothes

Filled my nose

“You used to love fires remember?”

She said

Her words her deeds his hate intertwined

In my head

Whose memories do I hold.

Have they morphed from the anger that

I’m repeatedly told

Has the truth become old

I don’t know

But I do

I don’t want his hate to be true

The true story of you

I want the old images that illusion that

I could never see through

But the smoke has cleared

And though it lingers here

I could go on all night

With this internal fight

Wishing and hoping to see your light

But knowing deep down

His hate brought me sight

To who you really are

I wish

He hadn’t been right.

+image of dark flowers

5 thoughts on “Poetry

    1. Thanks for the hugs. I can write some pretty intense stuff. Well…my entire blog is intense. But i try and throw in some goats and horses and flowers and sunsets to brighten things up because the real me is not JUST one part or two parts. So my blog shows all


      1. I will read some more and catch up with you properly tomorrow. I won’t comment on everything as it will drive you nuts. I can be pretty intense too. I am taking a break from Facebook while I work through some of the nasty stuff in my memories. I will go now as its been a long day and I will read some more tomorrow. Take care and carry on being the beautiful caring person you are x


      2. I’m on a facebook boycott.
        I won’t mind at all if you comment on everything. I’d love it. I love real people and I have found so many here on my blog as opposed to fake ass people on facebook. You are welcome to comment at will!

        Liked by 1 person

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