Poetry/short story

I’ve seen heaven

A tiny glimpse

So I can tell you

It does exist

I’ll tell you about it

If time permits

Though there are some parts

You may not “get.”

“I see dead people,”

A line in a movie I once saw

I looked around at those in awe

Where I just sat in pause

Giving a silent knowing nod.

It left people questioning afterlife, spirits, and God.

I won’t sit here and claim to know it all

I’ll just give you the details from the start.

The whole heaven subject started very small.

I fell asleep one night, opened my mind, and received THE CALL.

I can’t tell you exactly what they’ve said

That’s between me,

The person I am to send a message to

And well

The dead.

But I once saw her part the sky

Like a zipper

To another world

She separated space

To see her little girl

She needed her to know

She was looking down

I saw it right here on earth’s ground.

He had a laugh

Only his grandson would know

I was to listen

Then his message


I cannot turn away

From the truths that they say

I promised God

3AM one Monday

I would not ignore

This fate

He came as I prayed

For a woman named


He said do not doubt

Have faith

And then

More came.

They are not dead

As many may think

Or lost

Or wandering

They’re in heaven

Just sometimes


Quick as a blink

Time isn’t the same for them

As it is for you

Or me

There is laughter

There is love

There are animals side by side

There is no hate

There is no judgment

There is no pride

They visit for a moment

Too long and my heart would burst

We do not know the capacity of that love

Here on earth

I do not know why

God lets them come through

Why it is a message given to me

For you

I cannot control


I wish I had answers

I wish I could choose

I learned long ago

Not to.

I’ve been called a witch

Readers will say

Yep, schizophrenic.

Which makes me wonder

Who does God really pick.

Who are the messengers

Of the angels

In all of this.

I’ve just always known

I was different

Call me what you will

It’s what people do

Question and judge

Everyone’s truth.

Faith is to believe

In what we cannot see

But I

Have seen.

Be an atheist

But keep an open mind

There are things unseen

You are yet to find.

Can you open your mind?

Heaven is golden

Just like they say



As your most imagined

Glorious day.

Every night

They come to me

Filling my dreams

With love that’s so overwhelming

That I always wake up


Because their love



Or rather



More powerful than one could comprehend

One I cannot pen.

It is a feeling that they send

That fills my own voids with in

That no other human can.

They watch over those they love.

They never really leave.

They are permitted

As I am allowed to perceive

Their presence

In the way of their heart

Always leaving a little piece.

My nana came once

I smelled her smell

And felt her touch

You know that reminder

Of the one you loved

I was pregnant when she passed away

But she saw my baby girl

That day

She walked off into a cloud

I’ve not seen her again

God gave me that precious gift

That I will never forget.

I’ve danced with Native American Indians

I’ve lived in a grass hut

I’ve breathed under water

Swam with the dolphins

And a WHOLE lot of other unbelievable


I’ve been shown.

There are things I know.

And so very much

I don’t.

I’m not asking you to go to church

Or a temple

Or question your beliefs.

I’m just here to tell you a little of my story.

My time is up

It’s time I sleep

A little part of me

Wishes I could stay in my dreams

Where love is the only thing I see

When God sends a message for to you

Through me

And everything is exactly

How it should be.

6 thoughts on “Poetry/short story

  1. If I called you a witch I would not mean it in a negative way. Wow, I would so love to sit and have a talk with you face to face in person.

    It’s thought that midnight is the witching hour. But from what I understand in ‘witchy’ circles, it’s actually 3AM.

    Love that photo and love this poem. ❤


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