Conversations with a bird. His reply in quotes.

” WHAT? So what you’re saying is that you have lost your entire family? They are still alive but refuse to speak to you because you spoke out about the abuse you endured? OMG! What in THE FUCK is wrong with them!!! So you’re all alone raising your daughter while you have a disease and she is also sick ALONE…because they can’t handle that YOU WERE abused? DAMN girl!!! You deserved better!!!”

” I hear you! You feel like a vacuum has sucked out every part of your insides so you are a shell of a numb person. Everyone who should have fought for you, loved you, protected you, ended up breaking the shell of what was left. Yep. Gonna need a moment with that one.”

” So you have PTSD? From all of the men who used you and abused you? I am so sorry!!! I’m going to just take a second and say a prayer for you and be present because no one should have gone through what you have had to go through. ”

“Are you seriously telling me that you had 5 seizures! You lost half your memory! No one has offered to bring you food, clean your house, take you anywhere? No one calls you daily? Weekly? No one?? And you say your husband is gone for another month??!!! What in THE HELL is wrong with people!!!!”

” OK so then in the middle of this you’ve had people from your past messaging you bringing up horrid things and not respecting the trauma you endured? And your so called friends are too “busy” with their own self induced drama to even check on you? Fuckers!!!! You deserve better girl! But I know…hard to meet new people when you can barely get out and take care of someone round the clock.”

“Your heart rate is what? And you still have to put sheets on the bed, make dinner, and you can barely move your legs? Let me see that heart monitor! OMG. What was that? Your best friends died of cancer? That’s so sad. And your other friends aren’t really even friends because why? What is their excuse? Their husband’s suck? Really? That’s it???!!!!!! Oh fuck no. I’m stepping in to give the eye on this one”

“Yeah, I saw her kissy face on instagram too. She has no time to message you but she can put a kissy face on instagram. Stupid selfish bitch. I’ll kisssy face her ass.”

” You were greeted by a hawk? Can I see a picture? You have wisteria growing down your fence? I want to see that too! You went and drove to the church after to pray for your daughter? I thought you were too tired! Yep, I get it, your daughter is worth it. If I were human I would sit with you and pray with you. ”

“Thank you for bringing me some oats. Most people just bring bread and that isn’t good for us. I bet your husband won’t be happy you took his whole raw oats though. Yeah, he’d be glad you got out and were able to talk to someone who actually listened. Although, you really did over do today. Maybe you should rest. For like a year! I’m sorry no one sees you like I do. I’m sorry that no one nurtures you and loves you like you need to be loved.When you watch that sunset tonight, just remember you talked to a bird and she listened and heard, even if no one else in the world did. ”

14 thoughts on “Conversations with a bird. His reply in quotes.

  1. Lady, I love this. Remember the Scripture that says that “His invisible quailities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable”? That is what I thought of, that was you, seeing through his beautiful creation how he loves you and cares for you and feels it when you suffer.

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  2. Powerful post ,you already know how I feel , so I’m just going send you a hug, that people are here, and we do care even from afar, because we stopped to read your powerful message,and who come to just see your photos everyday 🌹🌹

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