Ordinary or extraordinary. What do you see?

This is the prairie I go to every day. I noticed how dull and brown everything was until I spent 30 minutes and found a purple thistle.

This is the road I live on in my neighborhood that I go down every day. And the rock pile next to our acre.

If you came her to go to the prairie with me you would see this. And you may think…ummm where does she get the pictures she takes.

If you go down to the rock pile you see this.

If you go around the block and look closely enough you see this

And if you wait at that little bird house on the prairie and sit long enough waiting, watching, you will find this

We can sometimes choose to see ordinary. Or we can choose to see extraordinary. Some takes patience, some takes persistence. I’ve been going down this same road for 11 years and I find something extraordinary every single day on this seemingly ordinary road that really has extraordinary moments if you choose to look for them.

24 thoughts on “Ordinary or extraordinary. What do you see?

    1. Just depression and not really wanting to write. I’m sorry. Its very inconsiderate of me.
      I think what I was trying to convey with the pictures is that they look ordinary. The prairie is just a field with a few trees and a bird house. The road i live on is like any other neighborhood anywhere with trees and houses. We don’t even have sidewalks. But when I go out I always find something new. Like when I waited by that birdhouse on the prairie for 2 hours a bird finally came to it. Around the neighborhood there is a hawk on a light pole and a vibrant flowers along the road and even weeds that are blooming that are beautiful to me. I smell them. I feel them. And I listen. I use all my senses to experience it so that I am not in my head. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have been very depressed the last few days so I’ve just posted the pictures to show that I went out anyway. I’m sorry I didnt describe them. Thank you for reminding me

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    1. I haven’t been much in the writing mood. I’ve been depressed the last few days but I still went out and tried to find something, anything! And I did a comparison of what someone speeding down the road would see and what someone who stopped and realy looked would see and I am happy that even though I am depressed I am me

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      1. Well they are amazing photos,, the old saying stop and smell the roses,, Well we stop and see beauty in something others don’t see, the funny thing is every where I go now, I’m looking for the odd photo that someone else can’t see,,


  1. Those rocks are where the foxes were in front of right?
    That first photo of a flower, that is my favorite flower photo in the bunch on this post. I love the purple pink color and the petals almost look like they are moving. I know weird, but it’s so alive and vibrant.

    Those two red hooded cranes (sorry don’t know the proper name lol) look like a dance act. 😀 Kinda reminds me of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in that one dance number they did together. The beginning of it starts with them in white suits but it’s cut out in the link I’ll post. I couldn’t find a better clip with it included so I’m linking the best one.

    Not sure if those two birds are both the same gender but this is what I thought of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1GV5o5xNqU


    1. Yes! Exactly. That’s where the foxes were. Usually this is when they are back but they aren’t this year. But the neighborhood also cut down all of the bushes that gave them security.
      I loved the pictures of the cranes too because of their positions! They looked so elegant. No they arent the same gender. They mate for life so they are in pairs.

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      1. It’s funny what you commented earlier that you thought you shouldn’t have asked me the question you did and after i had commented on your post earlier i thought i was a total asshole for weighing in on that therapist like you didnt ask for my opinion and yet i just spewed it out there.

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      2. Oh, that didn’t bother me either. It does bother me that I am not able to pay out of pocket though. (But that’s my own personal thing.)

        I’m going to be taking a break from therapists for now though. I have other things to tend to…like getting out of this apartment for one.

        I think that DBT is a decent mode of therapy though and I still have my book so I can reference it if I want.

        Even if that so called team was to “come to their senses” at this point, (which is not likely I realize) the trust is shattered. I just don’t have the energy in me to start from scratch right now. I need to recover from this incident.


      3. Us paying out of pocket put us in debt with medical bills. Our medical system and insurance sucks. And everyone is talking about mental health. Like seriously??? Pay for that shit maybe so we don’t go broke trying to help ourselves!!!!
        I hope you find a new apartment I really do.
        I have heard dbt is good and i was going to do it with the therapist that my psychiatrist found for me but she isnt accepting patients now and i have more pressing things that need to come first. Plus it is hard to get to apts when you cant even drive that far so why keep pushing this really. For me.
        But I see why you want a break. When the trust is gone it becomes not a safe place to be open and heal. I mean if they made an effort to try and fix it….but yeah, not gonna happen i’m just so sorry they did that to you


      4. I couldn’t agree more with you about the medical system. And thank you…I hope we can find a new place too. They are available it’s just a matter of finding something better and quieter.

        I know what you mean about getting to appointments. I mean what’s the point in setting it all up when you need a ride and can’t depend on that. For a few years I was without a car and was able to use something called Community Transit. I was getting physical therapy for a herniated disk and was determined to get there so I did it. The first doctor I saw though, made it difficult. A whole ‘nother story.

        Anyway, you bring up a good point…if they make an effort to try and fix it…. I don’t even know what that would take. I don’t feel that even if they did make a so called repair, that I could trust them not to do it again. I mean,they’re not gonna become trauma informed over night. Plus there is one other thing that comes to mind that makes me think that this is a blessing in disguise. I started a post that includes it. I want to finish that before I post it.

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  2. I love the photos. I think that big bird is a turkey vulture; I saw one on top of a hill here and was amazed at how large it was. I see beauty in every kind of landscape. I’m sorry you have felt depressed lately.

    My sister used to live in Nevada. I didn’t think I’d ever like the desert, but I was wrong. It is beautiful too. The little stones are various colors. The nights are stunning with the myriad of stars. I was a little leery of walking because of rattlesnakes, but I did it a few times and found an arrowhead. My husband and I went geo-caching there and that was lots of fun.


    1. I bet the open sky is gorgeous. That is something we don’t have here with all of the trees at our house. We can see stars but not a lot unless out on the prairie but i don’t go out there at night.
      It’s funny you mentioned an arrowhead. My husband just said something yesterday about how I haven’t found one and I used to find them all the time but we would be hiking deep in the woods with a stream when I did. We were more talking about collecting things and how that is something I would have a collection of if I started finding them.
      He is a turkey vulture and I thought he was very beautiful. I love how they soar


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