I sat in my wheelchair under a tree of a thousand bees. They flew past my face and around my body and head but only had one thing in mind…that flower on that tree!!! One landed on my hand then flew off. CarolAnne I put a video of their sound on my facebook for you. It was too long to upload here. But they were magical. At first I had a tiny bit of fear with that many buzzing around me but then I leaned back and just listened and watched. They were very calming. I’m adding a photo of me that I took with my ipad while video taping them above my head. Otherwise, here is the world of bees that entertained me!!!!

Hey husband….want to frame some of these??!!! You can!

25 thoughts on “BEES

  1. You are braver than I! But then, I’m allergic. I keep an Epipen with me all summer. I’ve used it once and then went to emergency. They had to give me more, so they said to keep two pens on me.

    That tree is amazingly beautiful. We have apple orchards here that bloom like that only the flowers are white.


    1. Thank you! I wanted to show my closeness to being under the tree.
      The bees were really cool. I want to go back and just sit there and listen to them. I posted a video of them on my facebook if you want to go listen. It was calming somehow. I don’t know how. It just was. Maybe they seemed so frantic I didn’t have to be.

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      1. I don’t know if anyone else found it calming!!!! I posted it for many of us who is blind and she didn’t find it calming. I was like oh crap i never thought it could be upsetting to hear bees. I’m just weird in that way i guess that i found it calming to hear them but i find all things nature calming

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    2. It’s basically just a complete load of garbage email so if you are already overwhelmed don’t read it. I just don’t have anyone to tell…
      Thank you for admiring how I connect with nature.

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    1. I love that florida has year round something blooming. I do wish for at LEAST a small spring where I can open the windows and let a breeze blow through. We’ve only had one real cold snap here and now have pollen already everywhere and the AC running.


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