Dark poetry: The Aqua Door. Based on my nightmare last night

The black door has bolts

Behind it is the red door with levers

And the green door with hinges

And the aqua door with padlocks

I hate the aqua door.

The aqua door I know I cannot get through

I turn back to my room

Inside this place

There are no doors

There are no choices

Human no more

Each shell of a person

Each gender

Each morsel of food


Chosen for you

One bite of this

Enjoy it

You must

Or you’ll be covered in oil

And burned at dusk

Unless you are taken

Strapped to a table

One limb at a time

It won’t matter

If you fight or cry

What happens there I do not know

But the last girl screamed and kicked

All the way to that door

Which was soundproof

As soon as it was closed

There is no will here

Just torture

And roles



And one man

Who is control

No one revolts

They are robots

Doing as they are told

They’ve learned

Given up

Given in

To never going home

All religions

All ethnicity

All gender here

It’s a lab

We’re the rats

I stomach that fear

How is there a God

Who allows this violence

He is not above one man’s voice?

He sits on his hands

At the destruction

The inhumanity

This will of choice?

He knows the plans

He knows the path

Yet he cannot interfere?

But do not worry

They’ll tell you

It will all be ok when

You get to heaven here

But I’m there in that place

With God by my side

Watching that march

Watching the power of the pride.

So try to make your mark

If you can

Have your revolutions

And politics

And race

And religion


Of man

While he watches

And blames



The fall of man


The Devil


The Sin


Generational curses

Of Uncle Sam

Sip your wine

And drive your waxed car

Paid for by your

Fraudulent taxes

Scoffing as the homeless

“Just left another bar”

When really he has fought

In your fucking war

To stop what you type behind your screen

That you abhor

But you discard


Your door is wide open

To the privileges of your lies

So you quote Hippocrates

Or some bullshit philosophy

You tell me of the cross

As you move your hand

Over your heart

With your bless us sign

To a God that watches me

Torn into little parts.

You put your ear buds in

Your blue tooth

Ha ha ha

To your bearing false witness friends

You have no humility

As you boast of your worth

You act as a victim

Oh a terrible crime

If someone has scratched your

Prized possession

With your own

Stolen dime

As I

Cry out

Knowing no one will rescue me

Knowing men like you will just rise

Mentally ill?


Cast aside.



They’ll survive.


I’m locked behind that aqua door

No one chooses to see.

But I’m told

Have solace

That at least

God is with me.

Which I am sure is true

And yes it soothes

This reality

I just ask this

If Rosa Parks

Could do

What SHE did

With her free choice

And her free will

How can you sit

On that house on the hill

Doing nothing of righteous

Just along for the free ride



As those fall around you

The earth crumbles down

You stealing rations

Robbing still now

I’m with the others

Behind the aqua door

You’ve sacrificed me

And you’ll sacrifice more

For science

For the Lord

My life means nothing

In your corrupt



A window!

I see a white flowers

In a blue sky

Perhaps there is more

To my existence.

Than meets the eye.

Maybe one day


13 thoughts on “Dark poetry: The Aqua Door. Based on my nightmare last night

    1. Thank you! There was a LOT going on in that poem but it was a very long nightmare with so many components I could only write it in poetry form. Thank you for reading


    1. My husband read the poem and had no idea what I was talking about. I incorporated while i was in that torture room how it felt for my family to betray me, to care about their pride, their looks, their life and to completely disown their daughter when she was being abused and while she is dealing with a degenerative muscle disease. I incorporated so many emotions that were dark while I was in that place in my dream. I wrote it the moment i woke up. It wasn’t until i went for a walk and saw the flower that i changed the end before posting it so it could end with hope.
      I believe we all need hope and a window of light even in the darkness. Thank you for reading it and thinking about it and commenting. I always appreciate thoughts on my writing

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This poem made me cry this was my DADs family’s they didn’t ever car about anyone anything as long as it didn’t effect them. You said so much that I could have never had found the words or emotions for.


    1. OH WOW! I’m so sorry it made you cry. It was such a mash up of so many emotions that were a direct result of so many people letting me down, letting me get hurt, not protecting me, and all stemming from a dream I had so I woke up and just wrote this and all the feelings it brought up.
      I’m so sorry that your dad’s family didn’t treat you as you deserved. Thank you for commenting and letting me know how it made you feel.


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