Finding joy in the tiniest of things

I woke up and discovered my second camellia bush has a bloom. 14 years must be the magic number because this is my second 14 year patiently wait bloomer! The first one bloomed about a month ago and was red. This one is not what I expected at all. So excited. I gave her a kiss. It’s true!

I wondered what she would look like for 14 years! The bush has grown huge and I imagined this massive flower would emerge. But this precious tiny white flower with pink trim showed up and I could not be happier.

Happiness= finding joy in the tiniest of things.

12 thoughts on “Finding joy in the tiniest of things

      1. I saw! I’m so excited. I wrote this before I went to your blog. I caught up on all of your blog posts and read them like a good book until 3 am!!!!!

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    1. I am sooo glad to hear that. I am headed over to your blog right now to read. Thanks for letting me know, I haven’t read any blogs today, I will for sure read yours


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