2 trapped swans

My adventures in photography stopped momentarily when I learned that the two swans I was excitedly photographing had been tagged and wings clipped to stay in that one little pond, purchased by the neighborhood in the “duck pond” area of town which is historic.

I could not enjoy taking pictures of two animals I felt sorrow for.

Just as I could not enjoy taking pictures of zoo animals, circus animals, caged animals.

That is me. That is who I am. I don’t expect everyone to feel as I do or even agree with me. This is just part of who I am and a part that I actually love about myself.

I took both of these pictures. I had my daughter alter the one to look completely black to represent the sadness I felt for her.

I don’t know the full story of these swans. Just by what a woman told me that saw me photographing them. Perhaps this was just a bad/dirty pond day. Maybe they were able to get out of the pond and wander around outside of the cement walls. I can only hope. I will hold on to that.

6 thoughts on “2 trapped swans

  1. They are beautiful. I’m sorry for them too. When I lived in Vancouver, I used to walk in Stanley Park. They had quite a few swans who lived there. It never occurred to me their wings were clipped, but they must have been.

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