24 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband

    1. I inched soooo slowly! Sideways, then backwards then forwards. It was so fun! I was so happy my husband got the picture to show how close I was to that sweet bird.

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  1. What a fun and rewarding adventure! I’m tempted to get a camera but I don’t go anywhere so magical. In photo no. 2, I’m confused by what I’m looking at. What’s sticking out behind his feet? Is that a spur or is he standing funny? You must have had earlier experience with a camera. Did you tell us what kind of camera? Thanks for sharing.


    1. We just went to a pond and normally I just ride around my neighborhood and find little things.
      Get one! You’ll find things you never noticed before! It’s so fun!
      I’ve never had a camera.my husband bought me this for Christmas and I am learning as I go. It’s helpful that animals let me get so close though!
      In photo 2 his foot is turned sideways and that us his little nail,claw, shoot not sure what you call it on a bird.
      Thank you for the compliments though.
      We got a year pass to state parks too so every weekend we go somewhere


    2. I’ve also just set my tripod up on the deck or my bedroom window on my bad feeling days and taken pictures of birds or trees or leaves. Whatever stands out at the time

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    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy going on outings looking for new things to photograph. Every day I find something new. Today I just went around the block and am posting those pictures now and it was just so neat what bloomed overnight! I love finding beauty in the world and sharing it. Thank you for the compliment

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