The sound of a million frogs

As I waited for the sun to set and the supermoon to rise (I was out there for 2 hours total) I listened to a million frogs that I videotaped for my friend CarolAnne. She is blind and so I want her to experience some of what I do with the sounds.

12 thoughts on “The sound of a million frogs

    1. Aww I am so glad I posted it then. They looked at the moon with me so i thought they deserved to be shared! I thought hmm odd thing to put on my blog but I have no limitations so why not!!!
      Do you live in the city now?
      What we dont have here that we had on the lake in the woods is whiporwwills. I haven’t heard one in forever


    1. It drove me a little bit ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! At first I was like oh this is soothing and two hour later i thought ok if I were in a tent sleeping out here with these guys this may not work

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      1. Haha … Yes, I understand … my daughter used to live next to a pond and at night the frogs got super loud, so much so you couldn’t hear the other person talking lol

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