5 thoughts on “Emerging life flower bud

    1. I have!!! I’m sorry! This was on a tree that was just sticks because it has no leaves on it at all. So if you imagine a tree that is bare and then there is a flower bud that is bright purple that is coming out of the stick and around that is this covering that was fuzzy. I actually felt it for you so I planned to describe it then forgot. So the bud is this soft feeling purple with a covering it is about to shed of this fuzz. It was really cool to see the contrast. OH and the 14 year old camellia that I posted that I waited on to bloom. I Felt that for you too. It was NOTHING like I expected. It was white and it was trimmed in pink and I kissed it because I was so excited that after 14 years it bloomed. I got one picture and then the next day the squirrels had eaten it and tore it up all around the plant. But I felt it and it was not like a flower I had felt. It was so pretty but it was stiff and pokey and tough. Something so delicate looking and it was tough so when I kissed it it was like kissing a weird textured leather belt or something.


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