Living in the moment

A little squirrel always comes to the window ledge before the rain. I told her it was not supposed to rain. I should have listened!

Before the rain came I ventured down to the rocks that are in the empty lot next to us that the foxes use every spring. My daughter and her friends, and I, and our dogs, used to climb on these rocks and picnic on the top. There is a big pine tree right next to it that I stood under and smelled the pine. I’ve never done that before. It smelled wonderful.

I looked at all of the markings in the rocks that have been there for hundreds of years, just like the trees on my property.

On the way back in I saw one last flower on my camellia tree. I told her she was not missed! And some really cool mushrooms growing on a tree right next to it.

I couldn’t wait to share all of my pictures today. With he birds, the raindrops, the feathers, the stones, the trees…my husband being home…I couldn’t as for more.

10 thoughts on “Living in the moment

  1. I enjoyed all your photos in this post and the other ones. I find rocks interesting. Lol So does my youngest daughter. Our trees are very different than most of yours. I noticed, when I visited the South, that some kind of moss or grass hangs on the trees. It makes trees look magical.

    Im glad you got to visit with so many birds. I saw a dove yesterday. I haven’t seen one since Fall. It has been a fairly warm winter.

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    1. I would LOVE to see a dove. I think I’ve only seen one a few times. One day I hope to get a picture of one.
      We do have the moss!
      I bet your trees look pretty though in the fall. Ours rarely do because they are mostly evergreen. Which is good for always having green but this year there was some red and yellow and I loved that

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    1. My husband said that it looked like a face too! I didn’t see it until he said it.
      I love stones and rocks and having them piled next to our house is a pretty neat experience especially when the foxes come and have their babies

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