More from mindfulness Saturday

I had to have passed this little green tree a hundred or more times. Many more. And today noticed it for the first time.

About 100 birds, tiny teeny tiny birds flew into the prairie and landed all in the reeds on the opposite side the sand hill cranes were landing.

It was a beautiful day.

And night. I have no idea how to photograph a mooon but it had these clouds over it and a red ring and it looked like an eye! Was really neat to look at. Feel a poem coming on…

5 thoughts on “More from mindfulness Saturday

  1. It is unbelievably difficult to photograph a moon; you did a lovely job. I love seeing all of your photos. So beautiful and a really wonderful reminder for me to slow down. You actually did inspire me to do just that this morning while I was driving into the city. I’m not usually struck by the “beauty” of the city because it’s so industrial but… this morning, totally saw it for everything it was, industrial, urban, a little dirty, but also beautiful.

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